Virtual Picnic Planning!


Hey Friends!

Guess what!? OOOooh yes! It’s almost picnic time! That means… it’s almost Virtual Picnic time!

But what the heck is a virtual picnic, and how is this going to work? Don’t worry. I have answers. Here’s how I’d like it to go down.

1. I would love for you to gather your friends… gather one friend… gather ninety friends… get together on Saturday August 22nd or Sunday August 23rd, share your favorite baked goods, and just enjoy fun and laughs over sweet treats.

2. Take pictures of you and your friends at your JtB picnic extravaganza. Why? Because you want to send those photos to me to be posted along with pictures from the Los Angeles event as it happens on August 23rd.  Pictures!  Pictures with signs.  Pictures with cupcakes.  Pictures with your smiling faces… I want them!

3. Do you follow me on Twitter? You probably do… and that’s great!  At 4:30 PST I’ll be live streaming video of the picnic extravaganza using TwitCam.  Yes… welcome to the future.  All you’ll have to do is find me on Twitter at 4:30PST and follow the link that says “Check out my live video stream of TwitCam”.  You’ll get to plug into the picnic as it happens!  You’ll see my in my pretty pink dress acting like the hostess with the mostess.  You’ll even be able to tweet comments and questions as I’m live streaming.  Oooh future.  You’re rad! 

4.  There will be prizes for the Los Angeles picnic participants and yes… prizes for some Virtual Picnic participants too.  There will be one random drawing and one prize for the virtual picnicers with the most spirit.  Who doesn’t like prizes!? 

Want to play along?  Want to gather your friends in the name of Joy the Baker and cupcakes?  I think you should.  Do it!  Then share the love with me!  So…. you in!?

What..?  You want a recipe?  Ok… how about Blueberry Sour Cream Ice Cream with Homemade Hot Fudge Sauce?  Good.

41 thoughts on “Virtual Picnic Planning!

  1. OH!!! Now I am even more bummed that I am out of town and going to miss this FABULOUS event:(:( Hoping to figure out how to use Twitter on my phone;) No, I am not very “tech” savvy…bet my 3y.o. can figure it out for me;)

    Have FUN!!! Can’t wait to hear all about it on your blog:):):)

  2. In Belgium, that would be a midnight picnic :-) (that’s 1:30 AM) But hey, nothing’s impossible, right ? If my daughter keeps me up that night, I might join in.

  3. Well, Sunday’s my birthday and I’ve organised a picnic in Berlin. There’s bound to be some yummy stuff and it’s nice to combine it with your virtual picnic. Cupcake lovers of the word unite!

  4. This sound like so much fun! It’s my brother’s birthday on Sunday so we’ll probably be celebrating it with some cake. I hope family counts as friends (they do for me)!

  5. you know what i think would be fantastic? if the NYC JTB readers got together. Central Park (or Prospect Park in Brooklyn), baked goodies, what more to ask?

    serious idea, folks. :) lemme know if you’re in.

  6. I haven’t been able to bake in a while (2 weeks!) with all of the summer happenings that seem to occur (i.e. cousin’s wedding, lake house, family gatherings, etc.) but I am determined to make it to the virtual picnic! Now, what to choose, what to choose. I just organized my recipe binders last night and there are plenty of things to make. Count me in!

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