Beyond the Kitchen

Cookies plus Coffee minus the Kitchen

Ferry Building, SF

After extensive… and I do mean extensive research, I’ve determined that certain items always taste better if someone else makes them for you.

It’s like when someone else draws a bath for you… maybe with bubbles or salts, and perfectly warm water.  Dang, that’s a good bath… somehow way better than it would have been if you turned those bathtub faucets yourself.

So, what items always taste better if someone else makes them for you?  Perfect macarons and the day’s first cup of coffee.

Cookie and a coffee?  And I don’t have to move a muscle in the kitchen?  It’s already delicious.

Now let me tell you about who made them for me.

Ferry Building, SF

There is a magical place in San Francisco.  It’s called the Ferry Building.  No matter how many times I’ve been to San Francisco I can always always visit the Ferry Building.  Why?  They have some aaaamazing food, and I always happen to be hungry.

Let me tell you about my favorite cookie and my favorite coffee in San Francisco.

Ferry Building, SF

Blue Bottle Coffee is a company based out of San Fransisco.  They call themselves Artisanal Microroasters, which I think is a fancy way of saying that they truly care about the quality of bean they buy, and the way they treat it.  In turn… they produce my absolute favorite cup of coffee.  At the Ferry Building, they brew their drip coffee to order.  You know what tastes so good about that?  The freshness, care and attention… what else could a girl want first thing in the morning?

Ferry Building, SF

Ferry Building, SF

A cookie! Miette Patisserie!  Oh heavens!  Beyond cuteness!  Miette makes the most lovely macaron I’ve ever had.  Perfectly chewy, full of nutty bits and in flavors that make my life happy like Rose Geranium.  Want to know something rad about Miette Patisserie?  Their founder Megan Ray is a self taught pastry queen and got her start at the Berkeley Farmer’s Market.  Yea… true.  Cool, right?  She makes one fine cookie.  They literally taste like fun and awesome had a cookie baby.  You think that’s weird…  try these cookies!  See for yourself.

Ferry Building.  Food magic outside of the kitchen.