Gift Bag Giveaway! So Many Ways to Win!!

baggu, rishi, morning glory

What’s the best part of going to a party?  Let me answer that for you…. the Gift Bag!!!

Now… it doesn’t happen very often now that I’m an adult, but the best part about leaving my friends’ birthday parties between the ages of 6 and 10 was the gift bag.  Something about that super bouncy ball, fake lipstick key chain and mini coloring book with crayon just set my world right.

Because there aren’t nearly enough gift bags in my adult world, I knew that my rooftop picnic must… MUST have parting gift bags.

Three companies were generous enough to make these gift bags possible.   Here’s the part where I thank them for their awesomeness and give stuff away to you, and you, and you!

baggu, rishi, morning glory

baggu, rishi, morning glory

Rishi Tea not only donated all of the tea for me to brew for the event, they also included 200 instant tea packs attached to a 20%off coupon.  Remember the tea pot giveaway? Yea!  That was Rishi Tea too!  These people are seriously generous and they have really lovely tea.  I’ve been making their iced chamomile tea all summer…. no lie.

Baggu. Ooooh dearest and most darling Baggu.  Thanks for playing along with all of my shenanigans.  I’ve now had two Baggu, reusable bag giveaways, and Baggu was kind enough to donate 200 colorful reusable shopping bags to my picnic.  Boy of boy were they a hit!  Baggu, I’m pretty sure everyone at my neighborhood Trader Joe’s is jealous of me when I check out with these bags.  I play it cool.  I can’t blame them.

baggu, rishi, morning glory

Then there’s Morning Glory Confections .  I’ve never been a huge fan of brittle until I got my hands on Max’s Morning Glory Brittle.  It’s hand made… (hand made!  I’ve seen his hands) brittle in flavors that I never knew could exist in brittle-land.  There’s Indian Curry with Pistachio, New Mexico Chili with Pumpkin Seed, Cocoa Nib Coffee Bean and Pecan, and my favorites Chai Tea with Cashew and Fleur de Sel with Peanut.  Max also sells his treats at the Melrose Farmer’s Market every Sunday… if you’re in Los Angels.  He was so kind to make these 200 brittle packages for me… by hand.  Thank you Max!  I think you’re rad!

baggu, rishi, morning glory

So here’s where you win too!

See, I’ve got extra gift bags and I want you to have them!

You have between now and Sunday night at midnight PST to leave a comment on this post expressing your excitement.  I’ll pick 15… yes, 15 winners and ship off bags to them!  Whoa!  I think these packages are also light enough to be shipped international… so bring it on world!

BONUS!  I’m doing a more intimate gift bag giveaway on Twitter and on my Facebook Fan Page sometime Friday afternoon.  Instant winners… ooh yeah!  If you follow me on Twitter, or you’re a fan of Joy the Baker on the old Facebook, then you have an even better chance of nabbing a gift bag.  Keep an eye out this afternoon!  It’s going to be fuuuuun!

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1,009 thoughts on “Gift Bag Giveaway! So Many Ways to Win!!

  1. Hooray!! I’m so excited! There is nothing better than fun free stuff! (well of course maybe it could be better w/ keys to a brand new car included… but one can only dream! he he)
    You rock Joy!!!

  2. Joy –
    You brought me down memory lane this morning!! Thank you so much for your post! I remember all of the special goody bags at the end of every party – the little games (usually broken), homemade cake (Ally I completely remember the cake bits everywhere), pencils, books and being so revved up on sugar that, no matter what, sitting still and behaving when I got home just wasn’t in the cards! Thanks again for the great trip down memory lane.

  3. Ohhh! I’ll be the talk of the farmer’s market with these bags! Lately our market has turned into a fashion show with everyone parading their various reusable bags around and I want to join in the fun!Great giveaway!

  4. Cool! I live in Holland and they LOVE the environment here. They have recycling bins on practically every corner and you actually have to pay for grocery bags in the store if you don’t bring your own. I love it and I’d really love one of those cute Baggu bags! The goodies inside look awesome too. How awesome of them to donate those things for your party! Wish I could have been there cause it looked so fun!

  5. Those gifts all look uber-fabulous! Although I suspect the kid-me would turn my nose up at adventurous brittle flavors, the adult me is so into it!
    All said, I think gift bags for grown-ups should come back in style.

  6. Oh Joy – you are too good to us!! I LOVE the pics – you manage to get everything in there and how artfully set up! Fabulous!

    If I was as light as you say these gift bags are I would have mailed myself to the picnic – priority shipment just to get there! Unfortunately I couldn’t – Ireland is too far away :(

    Do you remember how sometimes you used to get a piece of birthday cake in the goodie bags when you were a kid? And by the time you got home and were allowed eat it it had covered all the other bits and pieces with it cakey goodness? Yes? No? No one else remembers licking chocolate icing off pencils and whatnot? Just me then…..!

    You made me smile this morning Joy :)

  7. I was so jealous of that picnic! And I forgot we could picnic on our own :(

    So let me share my excitement at taking part in another give-away!

    I remember the birthday goodie bags. In our case it used to be a cone shaped plastic bag filled with candy, and perhaps with some balloon as well. Mmm candy, how many candy bracelets I ate back then!

    I didn’t know there you had a facebook fan page. Just signed in :)

  8. Oh my these sound so wonderful!! I live in China and you would think I would have my world full of tea, but the tea isn’t like “home” tea and these would be wonderful.
    The Baggu bags are so cheerful I can hardly stand it. And what can one say about candy other than YUM!! Bring on the calories!!
    I love your blog, keep it up!!

  9. Oh! Oh! I’m world! Pick me! Did you also used to get a slice of the birthday cake in the party-bag? I always used to be sent home with a piece of cake wrapped in a themed paper napkin along with the customary bubbles, fiddly little game where you have to get that damned little ball bearing through the maze and into the dip in the centre and, usually (though most randomly), a solitary balloon. Were we supposed to blow the balloon up at home to recreate the party magic whilst eating the stale cake? I never did know…
    If you don’t put a slice of cake in my party bag, I won’t mind. Promise.

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