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September 14, 2009

Bread.  Hell yes.

Bread.  Love.  Bread.

I’m on a tiny bit of a vacation these days.  Tiny.  Seriously.  Also… I’m kinda still working, but that’s mostly because I can’t help myself.

While I’m away… sort of away, I want to show what I love.  Can I share a bit with you?

Here’s one thing!  I love that you can now sign up to get my rambling posts in your email inbox.  Kinda sweet, right?  Just drop your email in the little “subscribe me!” box to the left.  Oooooh technology.  You’re rad.

Freya Art

Freya Art and Design.  I love her prints, like the one above.  Colorful and playfully designed with a touch of thoughtful innocence.  I dig it.

I recently got an email from 12 year old Catherine in Nova Scotia.  Catherine.  Thank you for your email.  You’re super sweet and I wanna squeeze you till you squeak.  Seriously.  I’m glad you like the Old School Brownie recipe.  It’s a real winner…. so are you.

I have serious affection for Beckie of Movies of Myself.  Why?  Well… she’s hilarious and approachable and real.  Aaaand, she plays a huge part in determining my musical taste.  Thank you Beckie.  I wouldn’t sound even the least bit cool trying to talk about music without you.   You’ve got taste girl!

Zuni Cafe Cookbook

I think I would love love love this Zuni Cafe Cookbook.  I went to Zuni Cafe in San Francisco last weekend.  Holy Heck!  Their food is a dream, but really…. this Bloody Mary set my world right.  It was divine.

Zuni Bloody Mary.  Eff yea.

You know what I also like quite a bit?  You.  I’m thinking about doing another Ask Joy the Baker session…. ok, mostly because I’m terrible at responding to individual emails.  What do you think about that?

Coming this week:  Pancakes.  I ride a bike in clippy shoes… to be explained.  And Ask Joy the Baker- burning questions answered.

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  • well, i totally love your blog, thanks for being awesome!

  • must.have.that.bloody.mary. alas, san fran is 3000 miles away. WAAAAAAH!

  • I still have VERY fond memories of a salmon and white bean disk I had at the Zuni Cafe YEARS ago — sigh… And yes, the cookbook is ESSENTIAL! Go treat yourself to a copy!

  • Ah, I loved this! I enjoy seeing what others love and bring joy to them! I think the FAQ with Joy is a great idea!

  • Oh, I just love that first picture! The bread, the stack of white plates, the window, and all those different shades of wood- ahh, a little slice of my idea of heaven (yeah, my idea of heaven involves butcher block. Don’t judge!). I’m definitely excited about the Ask Joy section, but I’m really curious about the “clippy shoes” line. I’m guessing you mean the shoes that clip onto bike pedals so your foot doesn’t slide off, but maybe you mean hard-soled shoes that make that distinct “clipping” noise when you walk across tile or cement? Because if it’s the second one, I’ll start to think you’re secretly my sister. Because I ride a bike in ridiculous shoes pretty often…

  • Oh, I won’t be subscribing. That would mean I’d miss out on visiting your blog every day and enjoying it in its entirety. Kinda like the difference between reading a newspaper online and holding one in your hands.

  • oooh I too have a Love for fresh bread- and pumpkin spice muffins.. and for my kids, and husband and coffee- and especially, a Love for Joy the baker blog… !!

  • Oh my. I love a good Bloody Mary, but dear, dear Joy, this one looks a little empty. If you ever find yourself in northern WI, Long Branch in Minong serves a mean one. In your glass you’ll find cheese cubes, green olives, a pickled mushroom, a pickled green bean, a dill pickle & a beef stick. And, if you’re still hungry after all of that, they also serve up a hard boiled egg on the side. When they come to the table, you get your drink first, a HoneyWeiss snit second and then SMACK!! one hard boiled egg standing on end. Really, it is a meal in itself. YUM!!

  • Hoping you had some shoestring fries with that Bloody Mary! What else did you order?

  • Kevin aka @cookerguy September 14, 2009 at 2:28 pm


    The Zuni Cookbook is one of the best. I often pick it up just to read. Her thoughts on stocks are so intelligent. Go get it my friend.


  • I can’t believe you don’t have the Zuni Cafe Cookbook. It’s essential. Seminal. For the chicken and bread salad yes, but also for the gougeres and the onion pickles and the egg fried in breadcrumbs.

  • Can’t wait to hear about you riding a bike in clippy shoes.

  • Great list! I’d love another “Ask Joy” session. Is this a good place to “ask joy”? I’m wondering if frosting cupcakes the day before an event is an ok thing to do and which frosting holds up best. Thanks!

  • I TOO HAVE A LOTTA LOVE FOR THE BREAD!! Thanks for sharing all of your “love” and “joy”!! happy days!

  • uuuh, a subscribe-list. I don’t know if i should subscribe – i just love it to look at your homepage from time to time and be curious if there’s a new entry :-) the things you love look and sound great. i’ll have a look at every one of them. (breaaad! I love bread, too.)

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