Green Kitchen Tools Giveaway

Green Kitchen Tools Giveaway

Can I tell you about my new favorite kitchen tool?

Nope… not a big ladle… not a fancy spatula, but a mighty fine and beautifully crafted pizza cutter from Green Kitchen Tools.

Ironically enough, I have not yet used this pizza cutter to slice pizza, but so far it’s worked wonders helping me with the homemade pasta and slices right through the giant kale leaves that I like to eat for dinner.  Soon enough I’ll use the sharp blade and lovely bamboo handle to slice through my favorite pizza.

Before I get cooking, I wanted to take a minute to give two of you a set of these super sweet bamboo handled kitchen utensils.

One happy reader will get a full set of Green Kitchen Tools spoons, spatulas and pancake flippers.

Another giddy reader will get a full set of grill tools.  Sweet deal right?

All you have to do to enter this giveaway is leave a comment telling me about your favorite kitchen tool.  Come on!  Play along!

Green Kitchen Tools Giveaway

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1,166 thoughts on “Green Kitchen Tools Giveaway

  1. My absolute favorite kitchen gadget is my oxo flexible spatula. It is the perfect tool for lifting cookies off the baking sheet!

  2. Oh, beautiful!

    I’m in the middle of a move and all my kitchen tools are packed away, and I feel like I’ve already forgotten which I grab the most. I think I am going to say the big chef’s knife I got on sale from Amazon – I don’t even remember what brand it is, but I’d always been shy about big knives till I got this one and started using it for everything.

  3. I’d go for my Chef knife (lived so long without one), but otherwise (to keep in the pizza theme), I’d have to say that both my pizza stone and peel are invaluable when it comes to baking a delicious homemade pizza!

  4. Where do you find all these neat things? :D Love it! My fav/ohmygodI’dbelostwithoutthem tools are my Cutco knives. They make my life soooooooooooo much easier!

  5. Ooh nice competition, I am delighted to be involved.

    My favourite kitchen tool isn’t one I use very often, but it my little wire egg slicer, I just love the effect it has!

  6. Gotta be the kenwood chef.. wait, does that count? ;p

    I’ll go for my tiny vegetable knife then, slices through anything, carrots, oranges, packets, fingers…

  7. i cannot live without my Nicer Dicer for any kind of major chopping of onions and veggies, etc. Pick me, please! :)

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