My Favorite Scrambled Eggs


These eggs aren’t the only thing that’s scrambled.

My brains…. also pretty scrambled right now.

As far as I see it, there are two solutions to the scrambled brain mess that I’ve got going on inside my head right now: a whole weekend worth of sleep or a bag of fun size Snickers bars.

Aaaand Snickers it is… but first, let me show you what I eat morning, noon and night:  scrambled eggs.


Are you picky about how you cook your eggs?  Maybe a little?  That’s no crime… everyone likes their eggs a different way.  I’m more of a dry scramble kind of girl.  Here’s my step-by-step guide to eggs for one.

Start with good quality eggs.  Fresh medium or large eggs from the farmer’s market are mighty fine.


 Break three eggs into a bowl.


Beat eggs lightly with a fork.


Melt just over a tablespoon of butter in a pan over low heat.  Add eggs and stir eggs immediately and constantly with a wooden spoon.


It may take 3 to 4 minutes for the eggs to become just set but still creamy.  At this point add a scant tablespoon of heavy cream,  a small pat of butter and a generous pinch of salt.  Continue to stir.


When eggs are scrambled to your liking, remove from the pan, top with a touch more salt and fresh ground pepper, and serve with buttered toast.  I garnished my eggs with nasturtium petals (they’re pretty), but chives are also lovely.

((Yes… I just wrote a post about scrambled eggs.  That just happened.))

70 thoughts on “My Favorite Scrambled Eggs

  1. when it comes to eggs, soft-boiled & scrambled i am particularly fussy about (also potato salad & bread-based stuffing). mmmm-love the recipe, will have this for supper!!!

  2. You so totally made me think of home, my mom, and eating yummy things…this was so much more than a post just about scrambled eggs…thanks.

  3. I, too, am a lover of dry scrambled eggs, to the point that I actually like them a bit brown on the edges – no lightly cooked eggs for me!

    Say what you will regarding a post about scrambled eggs, but I just learned something new. I never knew that you could add your liquids to the pan when the eggs are almost done cooking. I’ve always added them when scrambling them. I am gonna have to try this!

  4. Sometimes its the simply things in life that really make us happy. Scrambled eggs are one of them! You are making want some right now, but I already ate my breakfast!

  5. Scrambled eggs are my GO TO for a quick supper when I am in a pinch for time.. or feeling no idea for supper! Add a meat and you can have a meal quick.. homemade biscuits don’t hurt either !!

  6. I like adding herbs to mine, and I usually add milk and the herbs before pouring the eggs into the pan. Great on a slice of homemade brown bread!

  7. If ate scrambled eggs each time my head was in a scramble, that is really all I would ever eat, seriously. I have never made mine with heavy cream, I feel like that might be the secret I had missed out on.

  8. Scrambled eggs may seem simple to make, but some people make them really pathetically. Yours looks very good. I’ve never heard of adding cream to eggs. I just use milk. Now after seeing this, I’d love to try it with cream. And I’ve never seen eggs garnished with petals before. That’s too cute :)

  9. Loooooooove scrambled eggs, it´s my favourite comfort food, eaten with well toasted, buttered sour-dough bread. I heat up some sunflower-oil in a pan and add maldon salt and a pinch of cayenne, crack two eggs directly into the pan and stir with a wooden spoon until they are just right:)

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