Sunday Winners!

Green Kitchen Tools Giveaway 

Let’s make this quick and dirty, shall we?

From a cool 1,123 comments, has selected lucky winners 555 and 836.  That means Miss Andrea Cox and Stephanie from Hawaii… Holy Heck!  You win win win!  

But… there’s goodness for all of us.  The lovely folks at Green Kitchen Tools would like to offer each and every one of you 10% off whatever fancypants products you might like to treat yourself too.  Everyone likes a sale right!?  Consider this your own personal Green Kitchen Tools sale.  Simply type: GKT10P into the coupon code and… taadaaa!  Money saving magic.  

Tomorrow?  Spiced Diced Apple Cake.  Let me just tell you… it’s a good thing I took pictures of that dang cake already because I’ve already eaten half of it…. by myself… using the “I’ll just have a sliver” method.  It’s good.  It’s really really good.

19 thoughts on “Sunday Winners!

  1. andrea and stephanie go green! best wishes for eco friendly baking!
    thanks joy for arranging GKT10P…
    spiced & diced apple cake…cannot wait for tomorrow’s post!

  2. where can we make recipe requests? my mom used to make the most amazing sweet potato cheesecake but doesnt have the recipe anymore and im dying to make it for thanksgiving. you should make one!! they taste amazing :)

  3. I never win either but thats ok….I think we will all be winners tomorrow with that apple cake recipe. Looking forward to it Joy!

  4. Nirvana, I always say I never win these things either.Now that I did, you’re next! :) Thanks Joy for keeping us full and environmentally conscious.

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