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Custom Holiday Card Giveaway!

Minted Giveaway 

Here we are, staring November right in the eye.  Am I the only one giving November dirty looks?  I mean seriously November… how did you sneak up on me like this?  Did you just trample over September and October to rub your impending holiday spirit in my face?

I’m not sure I’m ready to dive into the season… but you know what?  I’ve gone and pushed myself into that pool.  Ok… not really.  I had some help. gave me a shove… a friendly shove.. but still a shove.

See, wanted to share something with you.  They also wanted to me look super organized in my holiday spiriting.  Thanks for that Minted. Well played.  

So!  Here’s the situation. makes awesome, cute, rad ,modern, hip, tasteful, bodacious, colorful and fun holiday cards.  Remember the long photo holiday cards your Mom would send out in 1983?  They were decorated with some sort of pixelated wreath and an unflattering picture of you and your sister  pretending to decorate a Christmas tree?  Yea… that doesn’t have to happen anymore.  Thank you  Thank you.  

Minted Giveaway

Minted Giveaway 

Now… how cute is this?  You know, for when you want to show off how darling and precious your new baby is.  Awesome.  Pinch.  Cheeks.  Want.

These are also pretty rad.  Yes… everyone seems to have babies to show off.  Don’t hate.  

And.  Yes. has totally raised the bar on holiday cards.  How about holiday books, people!?  Holiday books!  I made a Holiday MiniBook Card and packed it full of photos, recipes and a charming, if not slightly threatening holiday message for my friends and family.

Minted Giveaway 

I love these books.  I love the people… actual people at who organized the layout and gave me proofs of my little books to review before they were printed.  Actual people.  

I love that I have one set of Holiday MiniBook Cards to give to one reader.  Imagine… your holiday cards printed and paid for!  It’s a dream, I tell you.  

To win a set of 25 Holiday MiniBooks custom designed by you and Minted… plus standard shipping, just leave a comment on this post before Wedensday 9pm PST.  

Thanks  For reals. 

Minted Giveaway