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November 26, 2009


I made you Sweet Potato Cookies with leftover mashed sweet potato my Dad’s infamous pie.  I mixed up the dough.  I portioned out little walnut size balls.  I popped them on the baking sheet and into the oven.  Then I sat down and made a terrible mistake.  Good things did not happen.  Not as good as these awesome cards from The Beautiful Project

See… I started browsing Etsy.  

Thirty minutes later my Sweet Potato Cookies were sad little creatures.  They were hard enough to pack into a canon and use as a weapon to storm some unsuspecting village… if I were in to that sort of thing.  

Truth is… I didn’t really want cookies.  I really wanted to shop.  

Instead of cookies, I bring you Etsy.  Cute.  Handmade.  Precious.  All from happy crafters.  I’m shopping all Etsy this holiday.  I like knowing that people as kooky as me are making me cool things.  Also,  it’s impressively cheap.  Also, I think my neighbor is cooking fish sticks for dinner.  On Thanksgiving!?  Very distracting.  


Look at this photo from Meganlee.  It’s so simple and  gorgeous.  Want.  Maybe a picture like this will be just the inspiration I need to write that dang cookbook. Yes.  I think this will do the trick.

Now excuse me while I try to do something about this fish stick smell.


These hand-cast, porcelain replica milk bottles are beautiful.  Pretty and functional and dishwasher safe, making my world a better place.  


I don’t wear a tremendous amount of jewelry, but I love pieces that are simple, colorful and fun.  DaisyChains, I like what you’ve got going on.  


Handmade stuffed lady skunk with a scarf and purple ears… how have I lived without you for so long.  Pupa.  I love it.  


Yes.  I’m a sucker for pretty food photos.  Honey and Jam photos are so calming and serene… a lovely contrast to the chaos that is usually consuming my kitchen.  High five.  

These are just a few of my favorite Etsy spots.  What’s your favorite find on Etsy? Feel free to leave a big fat link in the comment section.  I want to see what kind of Etsy gems you’re hiding up your sleeve ?

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