Gifting and Regifting: The Giveaway

Gifting and Regifting 

I’m a regifter.  


Please reserve your judgement.  This is about to get interesting.

See… I’ve been given all sorts of gifts this year.  From two blogger conferences, I’ve amassed enough kitchen supplies to equip a small army of chefs.  

The good news is that I want to share all of this loot with you.  It’s not that I don’t love these things, it’s just that I love regifting more.  It’s like the most fun recycling… ever.  That’s where you come in. 

I’ve got silly whisks.  I’ve got gorgeous cookbooks.  I’ve got coffee and milk frothers.  I’ve got choppers and tenderizers.  Cuisinart, people.  I’ve got fancy sporks and way cool forks… all sorts of little gems.  

I’m regifting four little bundles of kitchen goodies to four of you.  Keep the goodies as a gift to yourself or regift them this holiday season.  I won’t tell a soul!

To enter this (both humble and perhaps ethically questionable) giveaway, just leave a comment in this post sharing the best holiday gift you’ve ever received.  Comments are accepted until Sunday at noon.  

Gifting and Regifting 

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  1. Far and away the best gift I ever received was a trip to Tanzania with my parents and 10 other family members / friends. I thought I’d be sad to ‘skip’ Christmas but I wouldn’t trade that experience for all the little blue Tiffany boxes in the world.

  2. When I was little I used to go to this candy store by my Grandparents’ house and there was a beautiful stuffed cat in the window that I’m sure cost way more than it was worth. Every weekend I would stare at it, eating my shoelaces and gummy worms and wish I could have it, but I didn’t tell anyone. My parents must have noticed because it was under the tree for me!

    Merry Christmas, Joy! I love your blog and appreciate you sharing you gifts and recipes with the world. I’m a cook too and I know how exhausted you must be at the end of the day, but your posts are always entertaining and thoughtful.

  3. when I was 17 my parents had a yellow celica waiting on the lawn for me. We called it the banana car- ugly as heck, but the sweetest gift ever.

  4. A gameboy. My sister and I each got one and we thought there was something super boring and lame wrapped up under the tree in that ordinary rectangular package…until Christmas morning. Boy were we wrong! My gameboy was the most awesome thing in the whole wide world!

  5. Hi Joy.
    It’s very generous of you to share all the sweet gift you’ve received at food conferences.
    It may sound cheesy, but my best Christmas gift is having parents ready to do anything to make me happy on Christmas day. I remember when they spent the whole day looking for the musical stuffed animal I wanted so much (ok, that was 15 years ago!). Or how my father disappeared during 2 hours last year on Christmas eve, when he heard that I would enjoy an Italian cookbook…
    Maybe I’m way too spoiled! :)

  6. I got Heston Blumenthal’s Big Fat Duck Cookbook last year, it was a brilliant gift! I’d be lusting after it ever since I’d been to the Fat Duck.

  7. Oh definitely the rocket launcher. I had fun with that in the park next to my house…did I mention I’m from Brooklyn, NYC? lollll good times, good times =)

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