Regifting Winners!

Gifting and Regifting 

You are just the most lovely people ever.  I’m so glad you’re out there in the world!  

Reading through your best holiday gift comments totally put a smile on my face.  Who knew you all were so charming and touching and genuine and humble and all around rad!?  I knew… I totally knew that. 

Those of you that said that your husbands and children were your best gift ever… you’re tender and I’m going to have to punch you now.  Don’t worry.  It’s a punch in a good way.  Seriously. 

Winners.  Four of you darling people win.  Thanks for letting me regift upon you. 

Millie.  Hi!  Sweet.  You win!  Merry Christmas!

Regifting Winners 

Doreen!  Holy heck!  You’re number two!

Regifting Winners 

Sabby!  Hooooray!  

Regifting Winners  

Romy!  You too!  And your blog is super cute too!

Regifting Winners 

You four should email me at joy at joythebaker dot com.  We’ll talk.  I’ll gift.  You’ll receive.  

9 thoughts on “Regifting Winners!

  1. WOW – thanks Joy! I’ve been on holiday and haven’t been able to stay caught up with all my blog reading, so that’s why I just saw this now! I hope my bundle is still available…

  2. Doreen, I got the Wham! album for my sixteenth birthday (wrapped in the plastic K-mart bag) from my rotten brother, who was the only person in my family to remember my birthday that year, and I was absurdly touched by it. Nothing wrong with some Wham! sentimentality!

    1. Out of all the gifts I’ve given you since (some wonderful, some admittedly not so great), that goofy little book is the one thing that comes to mind when asked what your best gift ever was?!

      Don’t buy her line about reading that book every year, Joy! This girl does NOT read that book any more! Working a full-time job, being a mom, and baking all the darn time just doesn’t leave her any time for reading any more. The last person to read that book was me, and I was reading it to our daughter. =)

      I’m gonna go hide now before she decides to come kick my butt….

        1. ROFL I had to give her a hard time after seeing her winning post. =) She’d LIKE to be able to read more often than she does, but the rigors of holding down a full-time job and being a mom combined with her baking habit just doesn’t leave her with enough energy to read more than a page or two at a time.

          It’s really funny when she falls asleep while lying in bed reading a hardcover book, actually. “Zzzzz….” *BONK!*


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