Beyond the Kitchen Holiday

Regifting Winners!

Gifting and Regifting 

You are just the most lovely people ever.  I’m so glad you’re out there in the world!  

Reading through your best holiday gift comments totally put a smile on my face.  Who knew you all were so charming and touching and genuine and humble and all around rad!?  I knew… I totally knew that. 

Those of you that said that your husbands and children were your best gift ever… you’re tender and I’m going to have to punch you now.  Don’t worry.  It’s a punch in a good way.  Seriously. 

Winners.  Four of you darling people win.  Thanks for letting me regift upon you. 

Millie.  Hi!  Sweet.  You win!  Merry Christmas!

Regifting Winners 

Doreen!  Holy heck!  You’re number two!

Regifting Winners 

Sabby!  Hooooray!  

Regifting Winners  

Romy!  You too!  And your blog is super cute too!

Regifting Winners 

You four should email me at joy at joythebaker dot com.  We’ll talk.  I’ll gift.  You’ll receive.