Super Citrus Smoothie

Super Citrus Smoothie

Let’s just close out eyes and pretend we’re sitting under an orange tree. An orange tree heavy with fruit… but with the occasional late blooming blossom. There are honey bees too. Just a few. The friendly kind. The kind of honeybees that remind you that life is full of creatures big and small… and we all have tasks to do.

Let’s just hang out under our orange tree for a while. Right here in the shade, greeted by little spots of sun as the wind spreads the leaves.

It’s nice here.

Sweet. Thanks. I’m glad you’re here.

Super Citrus Smoothie

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On The Lamb

The Ladies of On The Lamb 

We three?  We always have our mouths in motion, our wine glasses full and our eyes wide… looking for trouble.  

Let me introduce you to On the Lamb Food and Beverage.  We’re a roving catering and events firm made up of three unstoppable Los Angeles women:  Whitney (the sommelier), Rachel (the chef), and Joy (the baker).  

How does this all work?  Here’s how:

First we find an often obscure, always stellar location around Los Angeles.  We design an amazing theme and a ridiculous menu.  Then, here’s the best part… we invite you.  You come.  You meet other cool, unpretentious people who are as dorky about food and drink as you are.  You have a great time and love your life.  That’s exactly how it works.  

The Ladies of On The Lamb 

Our next event:  The One Night (Stand) Speakeasy on 02.14.2010.  

Would you like to keep up with On the Lamb?  

Email onthelambfb (at) gmail (dot) com to put your name on the email list.  Space is always limited at these shindigs, so be diligent.  We know how to throw a party.  That’s a fact. 

All up in the Internet?  You’ll also find us cavorting around Twitter and Facebook like a bunch of floozies.  Join us!

The Bloggies are in town!

The Bloggies The Bloggies
Voting is underway for the 2010 Bloggies… you know, the Weblog Awards that are now ten years strong.  

What’s the deal?  People blog.  People make awards.  People vote.  It’s not too complicated… it’s also kinda fun. 

I’ve used the Bloggies voting page to find some amazing new (to me) blogs.
The Bloggies The Bloggies

17 and Baking.  You’re my new favorite…. but I think I might have a baking bias.  Honestly.

The Bloggess… ooh you have made me laugh.. oooh you have made me blush. 

The Bloggies 

Oh!  Now might be a good time to mention that Joy the Baker was nominated for Best Food Blog.  That this happened is… I dunno… a cross between a miracle and a dirty trick.  It’s fun.  It’s humbling… and heck yes!  I’m excited. 

Go on… find some new favorites, case a few votes.  

Cheddar Black Pepper Biscuits

Cheddar Black Pepper Biscuits

It’s Friday.  I know you weren’t expecting this, but it’s time for a Pop Quiz.

Don’t worry.  If you’ve done the reading this should be easy… (I hated when teachers would say that to me).

Pop Quiz

1) True or False: The joining of chocolate and coffee is like a cosmic combination of all that is good, just, and rock and roll in the universe.

2) Fill in the Blank: Breakfast is the most _________________ .

3)  Multiple Choice: The best choice for this weekend’s breakfast treat is:

a) stale Cheerios.

b) Gerard Butler and hot fudge sauce.

c) breakfast sandwiches made on Cheddar Black Pepper Biscuits.

Now… here are the answers:

1)  True….. duh!  2) Breakfast is the most important meal that ever was.  3) c… if and only if b is unavailable.

Perfect score?  We’re best friends.  Take note.

Cheddar Black Pepper Biscuits

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Two Years of Joy the Baker, Pictured.

Joy the Baker is two years old.  Two years of cookies.  Two years of cupcakes.  Two years of pancakes.  Two years of me standing on a chair in my dining room trying to get the right shot of a slice of cake before I gobble it up.  Two years of me.  Two years of you.  

Here’s what the last two years have looked like around these parts.  Come along… let’s reminisce. 


Once upon a time I made a podcast.  It’s totally dorky.  I can’t bear to watch it.  It’s like listening to your own voice on the answering machine.  Too much.  Totally.  Dorky.  

a cookie we can believe in. 

I made these cookies waaaay back in the day when Barack Obama was still battling it out with Hillary Clinton.  My Dad hated it.  He hated it so much he left a nasty comment on my blog.  Yea…. that happened.  Thanks Dad.  Love you.  Always.

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Sonoma Cooking Class Coming Up!


Want to have breakfast with me?

Better yet, want to make breakfast with me!?  

Heck yea friend!  Me and you and eighteen other brand new friends… making breakfast, drinking coffee, laughing, talking trash.   It’ll be great!

Here are the details:

Ramekins, Sonoma

Sunday, February 21st from 11am-2pm

Hands on breakfast baking course.  I’m teaching.  Keep in mind that this could get both awkward and silly.   

Cost: $85… which includes breakfast and laughs and me smiling all up in your face.   

Space: very limited.  

Head on over to Ramekins to sign up!  Select Cooking Classes then Class List.  My class is on the second page of the Class List.  

Come on!  Let’s make breakfast together! I’d love to see your smiling face.

Oooh!  Here’s a little update from Yvette at Ramekins:

Hi Everyone! I’m Yvette, and I work at Ramekins in Sonoma. We are thrilled that Joy will be here in February and April. We are experiencing technical difficulties with the website right now, so call now to reserve your spot with Joy! (707) 933-0450, extension *811. Ask to sign up for Joy’s class. You may also e-mail Thanks and have a wonderful day!

My Top 10 Quick Bread Recipes

Persimmon Bread

It would seem that you can throw just about anything into an 8×4-inch loaf pan and have some sweet smellin’ magic come out of your kitchen after an hour or so.  What’s more, pulling a beautifully risen quick bread out of the oven is sure to make you feel like your a prime-time, super legit baker.

Here’s a peek at my favorite quick bread recipes.

Oh!  Happy Wednesday to you.  Also… you look pretty today.  I like what you did with your hair.

Low Fat Oatmeal Banana Bread

Low Fat Oatmeal Banana Bread.  Still moist.  Still all sorts of delicious.  I even counted the Weight Watchers points on this one.  Whaaaat!?  Yea.  That happened.

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Cinnamon Sugar Biscotti

Cinnamon Sugar Biscotti

So….. what do you do when you forget to call your grandmother on her 80th birthday?

Well… obviously you yell at your little sister who remembered to call your grandmother on her 80th birthday, and didn’t remind you to call your grandmother on her 80th birthday.  Some nerve.

See… forgetting to call your grandmother on her 80th birthday is just about as bad as kicking your dear and darling 80 year old grandmother in the shin.  It’s not cool.  There’s no going back.  You’re a real jerk if you don’t call your grandmother on her 80th birthday.

Ok.  Here’s the deal universe.  I hope I live to be 80.  Please.  That would be great.  I think…. I hope.

On May 25, 2061 Universe, I want you to break my phone.  See to it that no one calls to wish me a happy birthday.  I’ll remember why.  I’ll remember that I deserve it.  For real.  Yeeesh!

Also… biscotti.  I made some delicious biscotti.  This is me, sharing.

Cinnamon Sugar Biscotti

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Mocha Hot Fudge Sauce

Mocha Hot Fudge Sauce

I figured it out!

I finally figured out the answer to all of those desert island questions!  You know… if you were stranded on a desert island blah blah blah…  It turns out the answer is always always always hot fudge.

Watch.  I’m sure you’ll agree.

Q:  If you were trapped on a desert island, what one food would you want with you?

A:  Hot fudge (and vanilla ice cream) for eternity.

Q:  If you were trapped on a desert island and had one book with you, what would it be?

A:   Gone with the Wind… covered in hot fudge.

Q:  If you were trapped on a dessert island would you prefer waterproof matches or a broken down sail boat?

A:  Um… hot fudge?

Q:  Desert island roommate:  George Clooney or Gerard Butler?

A:  This is a trick question… obviously.  Gerard Butler with a side of hot fudge.

See?  Hot fudge.  Always the right answer.  Amazing.

Mocha Hot Fudge Sauce

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New Food for You.

Hello, Candy

It’s Thursday which means that… it’s still not Friday.  

I say that today you be far more blatant about your disinterest in getting any work done.  To help you with this task I’ve got links… links on the Internet… links on the Internet that are bound to help you waste at least a good hour of your day.  You game?  Let’s play.

See… my Internet starts to look the same day after day.  Of course I have to go see what’s cookin’ in ranch life with Ree.  Then I jet off to see how Deb and family are doing in New York.  Dooce and her crazy self always manage to crack me up… but these are the places that we all go, everyday.  

It’s a whole big Internet, friends!  That means we have some serious clicking to do.  

Here are some new food blogs that are, without a doubt, making the world a more delicious place.  Go on… check em out.  Every food blog can use a little love… especially the new ones!  Say hi!  Make friends!  Let’s not pretend like you actually wanted to work.  


Brunellos Have More Fun.  Where there is wine, there is Whitney.  

Jamie Oliver is Not My Boyfriend.  Um… I already feel like I have something in common with this blog!  Jamie Oliver is not my boyfriend either!!

The Noshery.  Food.  Photography and doggies.  I’m in. 

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Chickpea, Mint, and Parsley Spread

Chickpea, Mint, and Parsley Spread

The kitchen.  It’s where I do a majority of my… standing.

Standing and staring.

Standing and staring and spreading cream cheese onto Wheat Thins.

Standing and staring and eating cream cheese and Wheat Thins until I come up with a recipe and post idea.

If you were a fly on my kitchen wall… well, I wouldn’t like that very much… but you would probably think that a) I have very few brain cells firing with all of the standing and staring I do and b) I have an unhealthy relationship with cream cheese.

You might be right about the brain cells…  I won’t argue that the standing and staring is a strange process.  But the cream cheese?  Yea… I’ll admit I have a bit of a problem with cream cheese and crackers.  I’m trying to break the habit with chick peas and olive oil and mint and parsley.  I think it’s working.  I really think it’s working.

Chickpea, Mint, and Parsley Spread

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Tweet. Tweet.

You’re here.  We’re friends.  That’s just how it goes.

Are you all up in my business?…  Because I want you all up in my business.  

If you follow me on Twitter, you probably know exactly when I’m…


on the road…


having breakfast…

Don't Steal this Kitty. 

or trying to abscond with cats that don’t belong to me.  

You also know when I’ve eaten Milk Duds for breakfast and when I’m on my fifth consecutive hour of watching Mad Men.  

Yep… you’re all up in my Twitter zone.  It’s a fun little place to post silly pictures of myself, sneak peeks at what’s going on in my kitchen, and even have the occasional giveaway.  Twitter.  Dorky and fun.  

I simultaneously thank you and apologize for being so ridiculous.  I’m glad we’re friends.

Dulce de Leche Sandwich Cookies

Dulce de Leche Sandwich Cookies


I’ve noticed you around these parts a lot.  I made you some cookies.  I’m glad you’re here.

Maybe we could sit down and you could shell out some advice.  I just have one question.  Gimme your gut.  What’s it thinkin’?  This might seem silly, but what else is new?  I really need your help with this.

Couch.  Should I buy a couch?

Just the thought of a real life couch in my little apartment gives me all sorts of unreasonable anxiety.  Yeesh.  I thought I would only buy a couch… a big fluffy couch… when I was an adult and I had my life aaaaaaaallllllll figured out.  Well… I’m pretty darn sure I’m an adult, and I’m pretty darn sure I’ll never actually have it all figured out…. so I might just need to buck up and buy the darn couch, right?

Couch.  It’s just a couch.  Somehow… it seems like so much more.  What do you think?

I’ll trade you your thoughts for these ridiculously good cookies.  Deal?  Deal.

Dulce de Leche Sandwich Cookies

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