Sonoma Cooking Class Coming Up!


Want to have breakfast with me?

Better yet, want to make breakfast with me!?  

Heck yea friend!  Me and you and eighteen other brand new friends… making breakfast, drinking coffee, laughing, talking trash.   It’ll be great!

Here are the details:

Ramekins, Sonoma

Sunday, February 21st from 11am-2pm

Hands on breakfast baking course.  I’m teaching.  Keep in mind that this could get both awkward and silly.   

Cost: $85… which includes breakfast and laughs and me smiling all up in your face.   

Space: very limited.  

Head on over to Ramekins to sign up!  Select Cooking Classes then Class List.  My class is on the second page of the Class List.  

Come on!  Let’s make breakfast together! I’d love to see your smiling face.

Oooh!  Here’s a little update from Yvette at Ramekins:

Hi Everyone! I’m Yvette, and I work at Ramekins in Sonoma. We are thrilled that Joy will be here in February and April. We are experiencing technical difficulties with the website right now, so call now to reserve your spot with Joy! (707) 933-0450, extension *811. Ask to sign up for Joy’s class. You may also e-mail Thanks and have a wonderful day!

68 thoughts on “Sonoma Cooking Class Coming Up!

  1. I can’t wait till you’re so big you’re like Santa, with Joy the Baker replicas popping up all over the world so that everyone can enjoy your lovely cooking classes. Till then, I shall have to make do with toast for breakfast. Hope your class goes swimmingly!

  2. I wish I lived in La too. Alas I am out here in nowhere Ohio. A video class sounds great. I am sure your great photography skills would transfer over to some fine food film making!

  3. Yet another reason I desperately have to get back to The Bay Area. I would so totally sign up for this!! How exciting, Joy. I have no doubt you’d be a great cooking instructor.

  4. Well Miss Joy….
    NOTHING would make me happier than to have Joy bring Joy to me in the breakfast class! and in Sonoma too. I lived in CA for many years and love it there and have not been back in years. I would love and I do mean love to come there and meet you and make breakfast.. if only …. maybe one day! Have fun and a good time tho!

  5. What a pity that I won’t be able to come, Italy is a little bit too far away, have fun, I’ll be thinking of you, enjoy yourself!

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