Super Citrus Smoothie

Super Citrus Smoothie

Let’s just close out eyes and pretend we’re sitting under an orange tree. An orange tree heavy with fruit… but with the occasional late blooming blossom. There are honey bees too. Just a few. The friendly kind. The kind of honeybees that remind you that life is full of creatures big and small… and we all have tasks to do.

Let’s just hang out under our orange tree for a while. Right here in the shade, greeted by little spots of sun as the wind spreads the leaves.

It’s nice here.

Sweet. Thanks. I’m glad you’re here.

Super Citrus Smoothie

Super Citrus Smoothie

Simple.  Big.  Bright.  Tangy.  A game changer, taking your day from overcast to bright and shiny with just a sip.

Thank you to Tracy and Sunset Magazine for the inspiration.

Super Citrus Smoothie

Super Citrus Smoothie

adapted from Sunset Magazine

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Here’s what you’ll need for one big smoothie:

A juicer

A blender

2 Tablespoons Meyer lemon juice

the juice of 1/2 a grapefruit (save the other half for tomorrow’s smoothie?)

1/2 cup fresh orange or tangerine juice

2 tablespoons honey

heaping 1/2 cup Greek yogurt

1 frozen banana (they blend better when frozen)

1/2 cup ice cubes

In a blender, combine juices, yogurt, and honey.  Blend for a few seconds.  Add the ice cubes and blend until smooth.  This recipe makes one giant smoothie.  Yumtown.

Super Citrus Smoothie

70 thoughts on “Super Citrus Smoothie

  1. I squeezed some fresh OJ this morning (and had a frozen banana in the freezer!)..why oh why did I not think to put them together??*LOL* I am thankful that you and Tracy did…this might be a Sunday morning option for me!!:)

  2. oh, my mouth is watering! i can’t wait to whip up a batch of this for my cozy sunday breakfast tomorrow morning. what a delicious start to the day!
    love your blog…can’t get enough!

  3. This sounds amazing! I’ll be trying this! I’m going to have to replace the grapefruit though, can’t have it. I’m thinking I’ll try just more oranges or maybe some pineapple! That would be tasty! :)

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