The Bloggies are in town!

The Bloggies The Bloggies
Voting is underway for the 2010 Bloggies… you know, the Weblog Awards that are now ten years strong.  

What’s the deal?  People blog.  People make awards.  People vote.  It’s not too complicated… it’s also kinda fun. 

I’ve used the Bloggies voting page to find some amazing new (to me) blogs.
The Bloggies The Bloggies

17 and Baking.  You’re my new favorite…. but I think I might have a baking bias.  Honestly.

The Bloggess… ooh you have made me laugh.. oooh you have made me blush. 

The Bloggies 

Oh!  Now might be a good time to mention that Joy the Baker was nominated for Best Food Blog.  That this happened is… I dunno… a cross between a miracle and a dirty trick.  It’s fun.  It’s humbling… and heck yes!  I’m excited. 

Go on… find some new favorites, case a few votes.  

43 thoughts on “The Bloggies are in town!

  1. you’ve got my vote. i vowed you could have anything of mine, except my child, after i made and ate a whole batch of your browned butter blueberry muffins. aaaahhhhhhh…. heaven. lemon poppyseed is next!

  2. you are talented, funny, great baker, generous to all who follow you, entertaining, fabulous cook, charming, “the” source for delectable creations & totally deserving of the
    2010 bloggie award!

    17 & baking is a great blog…elissa is wise beyond her years.

  3. Baking is my all time favorite thing to do.. and has been for decades! I LOVE it.. your food blog..and my daughters new one.. are the best! And I am not even prejudice :) .

  4. You bake, you share, you take pictures, you write about it, we are entertained, we laugh and we are left very hungry. You’re very deserving of the nomination and that’s why I and thousands of others will vote for you! Good luck!

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