Tweet. Tweet.

You’re here.  We’re friends.  That’s just how it goes.

Are you all up in my business?…  Because I want you all up in my business.  

If you follow me on Twitter, you probably know exactly when I’m…


on the road…


having breakfast…

Don't Steal this Kitty. 

or trying to abscond with cats that don’t belong to me.  

You also know when I’ve eaten Milk Duds for breakfast and when I’m on my fifth consecutive hour of watching Mad Men.  

Yep… you’re all up in my Twitter zone.  It’s a fun little place to post silly pictures of myself, sneak peeks at what’s going on in my kitchen, and even have the occasional giveaway.  Twitter.  Dorky and fun.  

I simultaneously thank you and apologize for being so ridiculous.  I’m glad we’re friends.

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25 thoughts on “Tweet. Tweet.

  1. Joy.. I am glad you and I are silly friends.. I sort of feel like I know you.. can smell the muffins..THAT part was just wishing :)
    Thanks.. for the fun! You are welcome in my kitchen anytime the road takes you to Minnesota!

  2. I love your taste – in food, decor, dishes, cats, clothes, hair, sisters, ….pretty much the whole deal. I found your site last year and subsribe to your email updates. When I finally signed up for a Facebook account, I became a fan. And when I signed up for Twitter, you were the 9th person that I followed. (Please don’t freak out thinking it’s weird that I know that. I made a list of who I’m following and who’s following me so that I can know what’s going on. I would sometimes try to follow someone twice.) Anyhoo, I love it all, and appreciate your sharing. Happy 2010. Dani (ddh77 on Twitter)

  3. My Dear Joy,

    I love your blog!

    I need to know where you found those lovely slices of tree stump that you always take pictures on in your kitchen. I mean, short of chopping down a tree, I was hoping you could tell me. I’m very Canadian and very in love with your tree slices.

    xo @hillzy

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