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February 2010

Bread Dinner Recipes Savory

Parker House Rolls

Ok.  I’ve come to terms with the fact that I have housewife tendencies.  It’s true.  Don’t judge me… that would be rude. I’ve tried to ignore these urges.  I’ve tried to pass it off as a phase… but really?  This…

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Bread Recipes Savory Snacks tips

Bread and Butter

Sometimes life feels like layers of complications.  Like taxes and traffic and cavities and getting laid off are all piled high into one smelly sandwich that you’re supposed to eat for lunch.  Really…?  Worst sandwich ever.  Do not want. Complicated….

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Cookies Recipes Snacks

My Top 10 Cookie Recipes

  I’d like to take this moment to request a platter of Black and White Cookies from the magic little elves that are currently in my kitchen doing the dishes, in my bedroom sorting laundry, and in my shower scrubbing…

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