Bridge Watching and other scary things.

San Francisco and Sonoma 

Let’s talk about this weekend’s adventures.  There were highways, gas stations and bridges.  I might have a made friends out of strangers although there was too much wine to be clear on that.  Aaaaand!  I taught my first cooking class.  In Sonoma.  That happened.  

Take a peek!

San Francisco and Sonoma 

San Francisco and Sonoma 

I spent an evening in and around San Francisco.  The Golden Gate Bridge.  It chokes me up.  It makes me a little teary eyed.  It’s just a bridge.  Why would a bridge make me want to cry?  Weirdo.

San Francisco and Sonoma 

I stayed at a lovely resort tucked just behind the Golden Gate Bridge.  I got lost trying to find it.  So lost.  But look at this place?  Doesn’t it look like where you’d want to fall in love with Ryan Gosling if you were Rachel McAdams?  

San Francisco and Sonoma 

Long grass.  It’s got character.  

San Francisco and Sonoma 

Birds.  Boats and buildings.  

San Francisco and Sonoma 

I spent the rest of the evening in the city without my camera.  If you are two of the three women that were with me that night… you should be glad I didn’t have my camera.  I’m just sayin.  Wow.  Wine.  Wow.  We all have our ‘too much wine’  moments.  I remember mine:  in front of The Pioneer Woman and Steamy Kitchen.  Oops. 

I made my way to Ramekins in Sonoma.  Above is James.  He was my hype man.  He said nice things and introduced me to the class.  Awesome.  Thank you. 

San Francisco and Sonoma 

The kitchen at Ramekins is gorgeous.  My kitchen is never this organized.  

San Francisco and Sonoma 

Nor does it ever have this many people in it.  

San Francisco and Sonoma 

Cameron is making Creme Fraiche Quiche.  She’s a dear. 

San Francisco and Sonoma 

Jessica is peppering some biscuits.  Rad.  

San Francisco and Sonoma 

Danielle is cutting biscuits.  Nice form. 


Jessica brought Tom.  He’s the silent type.   He got his hands dirty.  


Everyone gathered ’round the griddle making pancakes for themselves.  I’m pretty sure I’ve found heaven.  

San Francisco and Sonoma 

Meet Annie.  She’s the most dear, lovely and gracious lady I’ve ever met.  Annie, thanks for your endless help and support with this class.  Thanks for the hospitality and for loving macarons enough to stop a taxi.  You’re great.  

San Francisco and Sonoma 

And… this is what the drive home after a crazy weekend looks like…

San Francisco and Sonoma 

… but this is what if feels like.  And.  Yes.  I did sing every Fiona Apple song I know on the drive home.  I also ate a cheeseburger.  And chocolate.  

Thank you to all of you shining people who came out to Ramekins for my first baking class.  Big hugs of appreciation to the fine folk at Ramekins who made my class run like an absolute dream.  I’ll be back.  April. 

82 thoughts on “Bridge Watching and other scary things.

  1. It WAS a great cooking class. The pancakes, oh the pancakes. Thanks for making it so much fun. Glad you made it home safely. Come back soon!

  2. Thank you so much for the wonderful class yesterday! Everything was delicious and I had such a great time. I now know how to brown butter and I cannot wait to make each and every one of the recipes at home. :-)

    I might need to come back in April!

  3. if you ever want to do a cooking class in VA, I’ll be there! Looks like so much fun.

    And a long drive with a burger + Fiona Apple sounds like the perfect ending to me.

  4. Wow, looks like fun! We are so PROUD of you. We need to do something like that down here in L.A., don’t ya’ think??
    Keep up the good work!

  5. How cool! It looks like your class was a success. Classy lady teaching classes and stuff.

    AND where you stayed DOES look like a dreamy notebook falling in love type place and wavy grass? Count me in.

  6. Joy,
    Congratulations on the class! And I’m so glad you had fun in the Bay Area (the bridge really is one of the most beautiful things in the world!). I’ve been a reader/fan for a few months now. And I’ve been meaning to send you a big thank you for the no-roll pie crust – it really saved me at Thanksgiving. I look forward to your posts.

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