Kitchen in Transition

Kitchen in Transition  


The truth is… I haven’t quite been able to get my act together since my move.

I’ve been trying to distract you with posts about my box grater.  I’ve been trying to distract you with candy giveaways…. but that’s all starting to feel a little silly.  

The fact of the matter is, my KitchenAid is still unplugged and my new oven needs a good scrubbing… and, I just ate a giant slice of store bought coconut cream pie.

Want to take a peek into my new space?  Suuuure you do… come on in!

Kitchen in Transition  

My walls went from a super intense turquoise to a lovely shade of light blue/grey.  I also painted my concrete floors navy. No the edges aren’t perfect.  Nope.  That’s ok with me.  Daniel… you gave me edges with character.  I like you and I thank you.  

Kitchen in Transition  

I painted my door navy too.  It’s now the sexiest door I’ve ever seen.  

Kitchen in Transition  

I like big pillows.  I like a lot of big pillows.  

Kitchen in Transition  

The ceilings in my loft are metal.  There are all sorts of metal beams and bars.  Perfect to offset my sparkly blue glass chandelier.  I feel pretty. 

Kitchen in Transition  

I had a ridiculous amount of cookbooks to unpack.  

Kitchen in Transition  

My tiny couch is blue.  My little rug is lime green… and yes, that’s a frog pillow.  That’s a frog pillow that I latch hooked a few years back.  I didn’t have many friends.  I was single.  I didn’t have a blog.  I latch hooked myself a pillow.  Don’t judge me. 

Kitchen in Transition  

Asher was the shining star who helped me carry big, annoying things like mattresses and dressers all around… up and down.  I paid him in pearls.  Cheap, fake pearls.  God bless him.  

Thanks for being patient while I settle in.  I’ll be back with sweets real soon.  

I want caramel corn.  So… that’ll happen real quick  like. 


107 thoughts on “Kitchen in Transition

  1. Happy New Abode :)
    Your place looks so nice, really love the navy blue floor (my fave colour) The frog pillow is so cute too, don’t be embarrased by it. Have fun settling into your new place :)

  2. I’m sure you will feel inspired and full of energy when everything’s settled! Love your navy floor and the walls! Wish you a lot of energy and many happy moments in your new flat and kitchen! Will be following your blog from Hungary!

  3. As if your floors and chandelier weren’t awesome enough, you have to go and show off the cutest crocheted pillow I’ve ever seen!

    Seriously. That thing melted my heart a bit.

    Hope you get settled soon! :)

  4. I feel your pain! Moving is guaranteed to add years to one’s life. Boxes and sorting and organizing and UGHHHH!!!
    Schedule yourself an open house party. That’ll light a fire under you to unpack!

  5. You are extremely adorable.

    I want caramel corn, too! I just got my braces off and have been NEEDING to have some. I better make that happen.

  6. Hey! Nothing wrong with people who latch pillows, and I’m so relieved that even the best bloggers get distracted, then distract to hide it from time to time. Pass the store bought coconut cream pie please.


  7. I need to find “Healthy Bread in 5 Minutes A Day”! Bread is always such a day-long undertaking when I try it. It also usually ends up looking weird, but tasting not good.

  8. LOL Maybe the next time you move you can pay him with a pair of red pumps to go with the pearls??

    I hope you get settled soon, it may seem like you’re never officially moved in until it’s time to move on! I hope you make your new place a home :D

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