Beyond the Kitchen

Morning Glory Confections Giveaway!


Three things I love:



People that make special things with special ingredients.

aaaand bonus.  You.  I think you’re awful swell.

Because I love all of these things, I thought I’d share a little something with you.

Morning Glory Confections is a Los Angeles based artisan brittle and candy company.  We’re talking handmade, small batch candy with amazing flavor combinations.  

The best part?  I want to send you some!


The Bacon, Spanish Paprika and Cashew Brittle recently roused my interest.  It’s sweet and smoky with just a lingering bit of salt and spice.  It’s absolutely delightful.


Because I couldn’t help myself, I also tried the Almond and Bacon Dragees.  Lightly candied and crunchy almonds triple coated in semi sweet chocolate, dusted in cocoa powder and tiny bacon crumbled.  Subtle.  Chocolate.  The perfect crunch.  I ate them for breakfast this morning… I wish I were kidding.  


And because I couldn’t order from Morning Glory without getting my absolute favorite treat… I also got a Fleur de Sel Peanut Brittle.  It’s perfectly salty and sweet and marvelous.  

I’m sharing with you!  Three of you darling people will win some Morning Glory.  Just leave a comment on this post from now until Saturday at midnight.  Say hi.  Tell me my hair looks nice… it’ll make me feel good.  ooOh happy day!