Beyond the Kitchen

These Three Things

Violet Hour Supper Brunch 

Three things.  Can I tell you three things?  Do you mind getting all up in my business for the next several minutes of your life?

New room 

Remember two short weeks ago when I was moaning and groaning about not living in the cool part of town?  I wanted to live in a loft downtown despite my disapproving pocketbook.  

Remember the part where I cleaned my kitchen and waxed on and on about appreciating the things you have…. that the grass isn’t always greener… remember I said all that?  Well… I changed my mind.  I’m moving to a loft downtown.  

I’m sharing my space with new people and I have turquoise walls.  And I have no idea how to arrange and decorate my room.  Seriously.  I need help.  I’m lost.  Can we trade room design for baking lessons?  SOS.


My little sister… the girl my heart beats for… is moving to Seattle.  We’re driving from Los Angeles to Seattle this week.  Sister road trip!  I’m looking forward to Red Vines and french fries… believe this.   If you see a giant UHaul truck puttering up the California interstate this week, please just have kindness in your heart when you cut us off.  Seattle or bust.

Violet Hour Supper Brunch 

On the Lamb held a Violet Hour supper brunch.  

There was Creme Fraiche Quiche.

Violet Hour Supper Brunch 

Can you see my face back there eagerly grasping for something?  What am I reaching for with such elation?  

Money… I wish I were kidding.  

Here is a fact about trying hard to live the dream with On the Lamb (the pop-up events and catering firm my friends and I started)… no one ever tells you how much gosh-dang-holy-heck-geeeeeez work it is.  My ankles are sore just thinking about it. But really… the excitement, the uncertainty, the new friends, the creativity, the occasional punching match… I wouldn’t trade it.  The oil burns and sore ankles are all so quickly mended when I remember that I’m trying to live my best life and I’m doing it with my two best friends… and all of these new friends that we get to feed!  

Violet Hour supper brunch

Thank you to Sandy and Jason of Enid and Edgar.

Thank you to Dan for taking such lovely photographs.  

Thank you to… you, for being so loyal and lovely and so… here.