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April 2010

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Tres Leches Cake

Here’s the thing about love…. allow me to speak as an authority on the subject for a moment. The thing about love is this:  you have to fall into it with everything.  Arms flailing, smiling like a maniac, giddy beyond…

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Beyond the Kitchen

Tart Pan Giveaway!

Update! Wow y’all!  Thanks for all the inspiration!  You’ve certainly got my gears working.  I’ve got summer berries in the works.  I’m plotting some lavender goodness.  And chocolate never goes out of season… does it!?  Our tart pan winner is……

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Beyond the Kitchen

So… No Pressure or Anything…

  I’m at the Pillsbury Bake Off in Orlando, Florida.  There are 100 finalists here… dicing, slicing, frying, baking and otherwise stressing out in a giant hotel ballroom.  At stake?  One.  Million.  Dollars.  In their faces?   Cameras.  Lots of…

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