On the Verge of a Million

Pillsbury Bake Off 

I think this Bake Off got to me.  I woke up twice in the middle of the night, jumped out of bed, and found myself standing in the middle of my hotel room trying to figure out where to go to finish my dish, and how I could get it to the judges.

Really Joy?  You’re not in the Bake Off…. never mind the fact that the Bake Off is over.  Yeesh.  Ridiculous.  

Enough about me… look at these four lovely ladies.  One of them is about to win a cool million dollars.  Can you believe it?

These four lovely winners were announced in an all out U2 style rock concert hosted by Sandra Lee… no Bono in sight.  

Pillsbury Bake Off 

Pillsbury Bake Off 

The hugs.  The excitement.  The tears.  Evelyn won the Entertaining Appetizers category with her Salmon Pecan Crusted Tartlets.  Her daughter, who was standing next to me when her mother’s name was called, absolutely lost her mind.  They’re from California… but today they’re on their way to Chicago to meet Oprah.  Kinda a big deal.  

Pillsbury Bake Off 

Niki won the Breakfast and Brunch slot.  Tomato Basil Eggs Alfredo in Bread Baskets.  Niki was the first person done with her dish…. aaaaand, she won.  Amazing.  

Pillsbury Bake Off 

Kelli won for Zesty Lime Tacos.  Kelli, you might win a million dollars.  Whaaaat!?

Pillsbury Bake Off 

Darling Sue won the dessert category with her Mini Ice Cream Cookie Cups.  She’s a single mom who said she wanted to pay her son’s college tuition if she won the million.  I’d like someone to tell her she can buy a lot more than tuition with a million dollars.  Seriously.  

Pillsbury Bake Off 

What happy cooks these ladies are.  They’re on their way to Chicago and the million dollar winner will be announced Wednesday afternoon live on Oprah.  Will you watch for me?  I don’t exactly have a television.  Yea… long story.  

Pillsbury Bake Off 

The stoves are all packed up.  The big cameras and mic are gone.  Lights off.  Winners in Chicago.  What a lovely time I’ve had surrounded by sweet and competitive home cooks and their families.  

I’m rushing off to the airport without a million dollars.  Los Angeles or bust.  I need to get home to bake a cake, stat.  

36 thoughts on “On the Verge of a Million

  1. Outstanding reportage of the Bake-Off, and congratulations to the four finalists. They’re all winners in my book. It inspired me to rummage through my cookbooks and whip out the 17th Annual Pillsbury Bake-Off Recipes. It costs only fifty cents. Back then, the grand prize was $25,000.

  2. Wow! A million big ones. For baking? How amazing would that be! It must have been crazy exciting in the studio. I love Oprah, her magazine is cool as milk. Can’t wait to see who wins! x

  3. Those 4 winning dishes all sound delicious. How in the world do they pick the winner? I’m off to the grocery store today to pick up some last minute ingredients for a small birthday dinner party. I’m going to be looking for the Pillsbury Bake-Off Cookbook near the checkout-I hope it’s there. Good luck to the 4 remaining. You are an inspiration to us all.

  4. I think I missed something. You didn’t compete in the bake off right? Or did you? You couldn’t have because if you had there is no way you would have gone home without that million dollars. You put a lot of love and passion in your food…you just can’t beat that.

    1. Tupper,

      About the Barenaked Ladies Steven Page recently was caught in a room with 2 women and drugs. Did not look good for the Barenaked Ladies as they just made a kids album Snack Time awesome album. Also had a deal with Disney which Barenaked canceled. Steven Page left the band on good terms. The band is still going strong and Steven is doing his own stuff.

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