Stuck in the Middle with You

Joy the Baker in Napa 

I’m pretty sure I spent my weekend traveling through the center of California… in a car… where I sang every single word the the latest Maroon 5 album exactly 4 and 3/4 times… before I drove myself downright crazy.

Why all the car time?  

I went up to Sonoma to teach another baking class.  Holyheckballs… it was fun.  See evidence below. 

Sonoma Cooking Class 

We made Red Velvet Black and White Cookies.  Allison looks like a pro. 

Sonoma Cooking Class 

Speaking of Allison… meet Allison and Mary.  They have a super charming blog called  Butter plus Cream.  Go say hello.  I like them.  

Sonoma Cooking Class 

Cathy brought her mother and mother-in-law to the baking class.  Seriously.  How precious is that?

Sonoma Cooking Class 

Christine has great hair.  Maybe when I grow up I’ll have straight shiny hair too.  

Sonoma Cooking Class 

Aida… the beauty in the blue.. came to Sonoma all the way from Denmark.  It was her first time in the states and her first time scooping frosting with a big group of sugar happy Americans. 

Sonoma Cooking Class 

Meet mother and daughter Lia and Rowan.  Look at these faces.  Gorgeous.  

Sonoma Cooking Class 

Lia wanted to play with my camera… and this happened.  

Sonoma Cooking Class 

Then Lia made this happen… 

Sonoma Cooking Class 

Then blam-o!  A whole lotta face. 

Sonoma Cooking Class 

The class was a success.  I know because I arrived at a friend’s house in Oakland buzzing from sugar consumption.  Then I discovered the most glorious and terrible thing ever.  Dominos pizza online ordering.  When you place your order the site provides a little blinking timeline of the status of your pizza.  This could be a problem.  I may never leave the house again.  

Gross.  I know.  I’m not proud. 

Joy the Baker in Napa 

I hit the road back to Los Angeles Sunday morning.  I channeled my inner Pioneer Woman and stopped to take a few pictures of cows.  Because… well… I was sick of singing Maroon 5 songs to myself.  

Thank you to all the lovely people at Ramekins who made my class possible:  Lisa, Annie, Yvette, Lori and Terry.  You people are rock stars.  Thank you. 

Now if you’ll excuse me… I’m having bread and butter for dinner.  Gotta run. 

58 thoughts on “Stuck in the Middle with You

  1. the class looks awesome!! as does the dominoe’s flashing timeline!! ive only ordered papa johns online but i will be checking dominoe’s out next time im too lazy to cook!

  2. When are you going global?! Surely if the Backstreet Boys can justify a world tour then you can. You could do an international baking Couch Surfing tour and all your devoted blog followers can put you up ;)

  3. What a wonderful way to spend the weekend singing to your hearts content. It’s a great way to get the stress out of your system!

    Those cows must be the Happy California Cows that you used to see on comercials!

    Happy Easter!

  4. Oh how sad i am many continent away for ur cooking class… wud have loved to be part of it having been a regular to ur blog i know what i wud be missing!!…hmmm..

  5. I live in Berkeley and would have loved to check out your baking class in Sonoma! Is there a list or events page that details upcoming events with you??

  6. Must have been great fun! I spent almost the whole Sunday in my mother’s kitchen doing the washing up, it was Easter, great family lunch, someone gotta do the dishes, it’s me!

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