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Tart Pan Giveaway!

Tart Pan Giveaway


Wow y’all!  Thanks for all the inspiration!  You’ve certainly got my gears working.  I’ve got summer berries in the works.  I’m plotting some lavender goodness.  And chocolate never goes out of season… does it!?  Our tart pan winner is… drum roll…

Tart Pan Winner

Look at this!  Bright!  Shiny!  Scalloped!

It’s a tart pan with a removable bottom.  It’s pretty snazzy.

For some reason,  it took me about 28 and 3/4 years to buy one of these pans.  I thought these pans were for super fancy bakers that make fancy French style fruit tarts all day and all night.

It turns out… this 9-inch tart pan is our secret weapon against having to roll out pie crust.  That’s right!  Secret weapon.

Strawberry Banana Cream Pie for On the Lamb

With this tart pan all you have to do is throw together a dough and press it into the pan.  Press.  Not roll.  Just like I did for this Strawberry Banana Cream Pie.  Genius.

And!  The best news ever!  I’m giving away one tart pan this weekend.

All you have to do is leave me a little comment inspiration.  Tell me something you’d like me to bake up and post on Joy the Baker by the end of this Sunday, April 25th… and you could have a tart pan delivered right to your doorstep!

My next move with this pan?  Brownie Pie.  It’ll happen.  Prepare yourself.