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2010. It’s Happening.

May 19, 2010

I Win, 2010.   

Every few months I go on an over-sharing spree on Joy the Baker.  I talk about all sorts of things that aren’t chocolate or butter or cake.  I sometimes tell you about my sister.  I often tell you about my tragic affection for The Real Housewives of Everywhere.  Sometimes I talk about boys and other times I doooo nooootttt.

 What’s weird about it is that… you actually like it.  

When these over-sharing moments strike, I like to show you the pictures from my camera phone.  Well… the pictures that aren’t the several hundred self portraits that take up most of my phone’s memory.    Why my camera phone?  I seem to have had my phone surgically attached to my hand so it’s with me to capture most of my moments.  Here’s a peek at 2010 so far.  

I Win, 2010. 

Hot Fudge Sundae Cupcakes.  Because why should you have to choose between hot fudge sundaes and cupcakes?  That’s just not fair. 

I Win, 2010. 

Here we find Whitney setting the table for one of our first On the Lamb events.  

Whatever you do, don’t say the word ‘tablescape’.  I hate that word.  I’ll punch you.  

I Win, 2010. 

I live in Los Angeles.  Why am I standing next to a NYPD police car in the middle of a Los Angeles park?  Movie magic, friends.  I think they were filming some show called Castle.  So douchey LA.  Please feel free to make fun of my yellow sweater or the fact that I’ve paused my hike to stand by this police car.  I can handle it. 

I Win, 2010. 

Q:  Are my friends and I always taking pictures of food?

A:  Yes.  Duh.  

 I Win, 2010.

I found a lemon inside of another lemon.  No joke… rind and all.  

Also… I know a cat named Lemon whose tender skull I smashed in a doorway.  It was an accident.  It all happened so fast.  By bad Lemon.  My bad. 

I Win, 2010. 

By now it may look like these are the only two people I hang out with.  Maybe that’s true.  But look at this..!  They’re texting…. like, a lot.  So there are obviously other people in our world.  Texting.  Just let it happen.  

I Win, 2010. 

Whitney is mixing up tequila, smoky tea and a homemade citrus mixture.  Magic.  Supersize me.  Please and thank you. 

I Win, 2010. 

This cake from the Nickel Diner has chocolate, peanut butter and potato chips.  

I’d like to go ahead and push the pause button on life.  Seriously.  Amazing.

In other new, yes… I like ice in my milk.  

I Win, 2010. 

I love these three heads, except the girl in the middle is kind of a hussy.  

I Win, 2010. 

Once we saw a rainbow.  Once we freaked the heck out.  

I Win, 2010. 

I made these Sweetheart Rose Cupcakes and then ate seven for dinner.  Judge me… I dare you. 

I Win, 2010. 

Earlier this year I drove up to San Francisco to teach a cooking class.  I was nervous… and proud of myself.  This is my ‘heck yea I’m proud of you Joy” face.  I’m looking at this…

I Win, 2010. 

I love this bridge.  If this bridge were a man, I’d totally marry it. 

I Win, 2010. 

Before the cooking class I went to a huuuuuuggee wine event on a pier in San Francisco.  

There were exactly 1,236,339 people there… and lots of wine talk.  The place was abuzz with winos and the words “leather” “berry notes”  “finish”.  Not exactly my scene…

I Win, 2010. 

I was actually looking out the window longing for the serenity of Alcatraz Island.  

I Win, 2010. 

I taught a bunch of people how to make breakfast.  I’m pretty sure they already knew how… but it was nice of them to pretend they didn’t for my sake.  

I Win, 2010. 

I drove from Los Angeles to Seattle with my little sister Lauren.  Remember that?  I do…. I ate my weight in Chex Mix and drove through the snow in a moving truck.  And yes… I wore my thick-thighed jeans.  

I Win, 2010. 

The drive?  Long.  The result?  Getting to hang out with my sister in her first apartment in Seattle.  Geez I love this girl. 

I Win, 2010. 

This sign lives outside my favorite little neighborhood market in Seattle.  I’m glad someone correctly added the letter e to the word douchebag.  Nice move. 

I Win, 2010. 

I found my dad making my Avocado Pound Cake recipe.  He had printed it out and everything.  High five father. 

I Win, 2010. 

I also stumbled upon my dad’s high school graduation picture.  Hot dang.  

Ps.  Say nothing of the possible lazy eye.  Not one word.  

I Win, 2010. 

I moved and painted.  Those two things were exactly as exciting as they sound.  

I Win, 2010. 

I hella heart this Poppy Seed Cake with Blueberry Glaze.  Whaaat?  Blueberry Glaze?  Yea… I dreamed that mess up. 

I Win, 2010. 

My friends and I taught a strawberry themed cooking class in Los Angeles.  I was nervous.  I was sweaty.  I was a mess… and then I wasn’t.  Not to worry, it all worked out in the end. 

I Win, 2010. 

I flew to Orlando.  I stayed in a fancy hotel.  I ate a lot of room service.  

I Win, 2010. 

I took pictures of the Pillsbury Bake Off.  Competitive cooking stresses me out…. that’s my excuse for all the room service. 

I Win, 2010. 

This might be a Not Safe For Work Situation… but we’re all ladies here, aren’t we?  This is what I wear under my apron when I’m baking at home.

Ok… so it’s not.  

Yes… I really really want it to be what I have on under my apron.  

Clearly… I’ve lost my mind for sharing such things with you.  Noted. 

I Win, 2010. 

In other (more clothed) news, the video I made with Jill is nearing completion.  We made pudding.  We laughed a lot.  I said some really inappropriate things.  It was like magic.  

I Win, 2010. 

Love on the Rocks.  My friend Asher made these for us.  Love… on the Rocks. 

I Win, 2010. 

Last but not least…  Malibu.  I’ll be seeing a lot of you this summer dear Malibu.  Count on it.  

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  • I think you´re absolutely amazing. I´m in awe of you! Actually, when I grow up I kinda want to be you. (Maybe this proves that it´s possible to over-share more than you..!)
    Your blogging makes my day; I cannot thank you enough!! :):)

  • I love the lemon within a lemon picture. I sat here for a few minutes trying to figure out what kind of fruit it was before I read the caption below. Apparently I have not had enough coffee this morning.

  • Ok so what are those awesome looking drinks with the strawberries and cucumber and where do I get one?

  • You = awesomeness. If only all women were so confident.

  • This was so nice to read and to look at! I have a huge exam in like… 2 hours(ugh, I think i should start getting ready) and those pictures made me think ‘only two exams left, then 4 months of holidays, YAY!’ I don’t know why. They just have some magic.

  • So cute, I love reading about your awesome life :)

  • You have got a fantastic time!

  • I love your oversharing, it just makes my day. I’ve just finished ironing and now I’m waiting for my friends and we will have coffee and cookies together: see, being a housewife is not always desperate, you have time to hang out with your friends and relax!
    Your dad sure looks cool… I love those old photos.

  • That just made me so happy. :)

  • Joy! We’re NOT all ladies. Shame on you for assuming so. Emancipation goes both ways, you know. You ladies get equal rights and stuff (whatEVER), we guys get to cook and bake delicious things (YESSSSSS!) (and squeeee at cute things and cry during movies, but don’t tell anyone I said that!).

    mmmm, maybe I can get my girlfriend to wear something like that under my apron
    Actually, the problem would be getting her to wear the apron. I need to wash that thing, yuck. Thai cooking makes for nasty stains.

  • Cracking up at the photo of your dad. Lucky you to have a pops who let’s you put up old pictures of him. Or was it a surprise?

  • That was wonderful, Joy. I loved your photo essay on “Joy – 2010″. I want so swim in that blueberry glaze, is that a problem? No? GOOD! :o)


  • What a wonderful recap of your start to 2010. Besides Malibu (did you mean the drink or the beach?) what other adventures are in the near future for Joy the Baker. Summer BBQs? With malibu on the rocks? Mmm Malibu

  • I HATE the word tablescape. That vapid Sandra Lee on the Food Network uses that word. A LOT. Whenever her show or a commercial with her comes on I play a game with myself to see if I can change the channel fast enough so that I don’t have to see or hear her. I breathe a sigh of relief when I win.

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