It’s Hot. Go Cold.

Ice Cream Cupcakes 

It’s getting hot.  

You know what that means…. under-boob sweat.  

     Don’t look at me like that.  You know it happens to you too.

The only solution:  Ice Cream… and other things from the freezer.  Obvi.

Ice Cream Cupcakes?  Yes.  Brownie Bottom Ice Cream Cupcakes?  Fist pump.  Heck yes.

Mini Chocolate Dipped Bananas 

Mini Chocolate Dipped Bananas.  Slice the banana in half… you can once again eat these in public.  Just eat quickly.  

Apple Pie Granita 

I ate an entire tray of Apple Pie Granita standing in front of my open freezer.  It’s just frozen juice.  It’s just totally amazing.  

Banana Pudding Ice Cream 

Banana Pudding Ice Cream.  There are Nilla Wafers iiiinnnnn the ice cream.  Done deal, right?  

May I offer you a little hot fudge for that?  Yea, I thought so.  

Super Citrus Smoothie 

The Super Citrus Smoothie.  It makes you stand up straight.  It makes your eyes widen.  It makes your hair look pretty.  Facts.  I like it!  

101 thoughts on “It’s Hot. Go Cold.

  1. You may have posted this before, but what kind of camera do you use to photograph your food? Your pictures always turn out fantastic!

  2. Those ice cream cupcakes need to a thing that happens in my house immediately.

    Also. . .I LOVE the animal cups! Where did those come from?

  3. Thanks! I neede an excuse to clear out the freezer! They all look sooo delicious, and then you go and mention fudge sauce… Bad girl, baaaad girl…..

  4. Great list of treats Joy, but you forgot to include your Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream. That stuff is Awesome!! I ate half of the recipe waiting for it to chill!
    Thanks for all your great recipes, and the humor of your writing.

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