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It’s Hot. Go Cold.

June 10, 2010

Ice Cream Cupcakes 

It’s getting hot.  

You know what that means…. under-boob sweat.  

     Don’t look at me like that.  You know it happens to you too.

The only solution:  Ice Cream… and other things from the freezer.  Obvi.

Ice Cream Cupcakes?  Yes.  Brownie Bottom Ice Cream Cupcakes?  Fist pump.  Heck yes.

Mini Chocolate Dipped Bananas 

Mini Chocolate Dipped Bananas.  Slice the banana in half… you can once again eat these in public.  Just eat quickly.  

Apple Pie Granita 

I ate an entire tray of Apple Pie Granita standing in front of my open freezer.  It’s just frozen juice.  It’s just totally amazing.  

Banana Pudding Ice Cream 

Banana Pudding Ice Cream.  There are Nilla Wafers iiiinnnnn the ice cream.  Done deal, right?  

May I offer you a little hot fudge for that?  Yea, I thought so.  

Super Citrus Smoothie 

The Super Citrus Smoothie.  It makes you stand up straight.  It makes your eyes widen.  It makes your hair look pretty.  Facts.  I like it!  

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  • Oh my loordy, today was the first morning that in my shower I consciously thought “I better wash under my boobs. They sweated yesterday.”

    Except that it was a morning shower thought, so I didn’t really even register it.

    Until I burst out laughing at my office desk this morning and my coworker had to ask me why…

    Thanks for a morning smile :).

  • Joy! Under-boob sweat! I just had a laugh explosion at my desk at work…oops. Very suspicious.

    These recipes are fantastic and I hope to make, like, all of them this weekend in my non-AC apartment.

  • my friends and i call under-boob sweat “swoobs” sweaty-boobs haha. and that applies to everything else… the back of your knees – swees. occasionally it being SO hot you sweat thru undergarments? Swass. mmHMM.

    that citrus smoothie is my favoriiiite! it is quite the tasty delight meets memories of orange julius’ as a kid.

  • Under boob sweat = yes. But you know it’s super hot when your top lip and your knee caps sweat…Or is that just me?

    All look yummy. Full stop.

  • i HATE under boob sweat! first granny panties, now under boob sweat, i feel we are learning lots of intimate details about you this week, joy!

  • Girl!! I dream of “under boob” sweat!!! I’ll keep dreaming about it till I can buy myself a bigger pair… ahhh, someday…! You also said “Obvi”, like as in “obviously”?? Is that how the kids are saying it these days? I’m not old! But you make me feel old when you do things like that! OMG, JOY! I live in Florida! It is blazing blazing hot out here! The humidity is killing me! I NEED a frozen chocolate covered banana STAT!!! Thanks for the inspiration! Someday I will have yummy frozen things and a pair big enough for them to sweat underneath. One may come sooner than the other though… oh well.

  • I’ve heard a sheep go “baa” and the pig go “oink”, but i’ve never heard a bunny go “hippity hop”
    Awesome cold treat ideas, a lot of houses will be happier and cooler tonight i’m sure:)

  • I feel like making everything pictured, -like right now! Your comment about being able to eat chocolate dipped banana pops in public again totally cracked me up! I didn’t think that would ever be possible again. : )

  • You made me laugh this morning with under the boob sweat. I use a little deoderant in that spot. LOL

  • Oh yeah, nothing like a TEXAS SUMMER to make you need something chilly to nibble. Yum..thanks for the inspiration!!!

  • If only ice cream could cure the dreaded boob sweat… I’m pretty sure eating lots of it could potentially make it worse… bring on the mega boob sweat!

  • Two fist pumps for applie pie granita! I’m hooked on it! Speaking of fist pumps, Snookie and The Situation were on the Country Music Television awards last night. I’m not really sure why they were there. They’re clearly not country! Okay, I gotta GTL now. Lat-uh. :)

  • Ohhh wow so many good looking things, i love the look of the banana pudding ice cream, it looks AMAZING!

  • The instant pudding in the frozen coffee drinks: was that you own idea? Because, it’s kinda of brilliant. I’ve been trying for years to make a thicker frozen coffee drink (in a quick, conveinient on-the-way-out-to-work way). Bravo.

  • Yeah man. All of those things would cancel out under the boob sweat. Good call, Joy.

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