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Joy the Baker’s Cutting Room Floor

Cutting Room Floor

I’m full of all sorts of bright ideas when I step in the kitchen.

There seem to be endless ways to combine butter and sugar and flour, and my brain just looooves the possibilities.

And sometimes?  I fail.  Hardcore.  We’re talking sugar burned pans, melted goopy ice cream, disgusting brownies and chocolate chip cookies as hard as hockey pucks.  These things happen.  Often.  You should know.

Above is a picture of the Cinnamon Ice Cream that became one big disaster.  It turns out you can’t melt cinnamon candy, and swirl the scalding hot melted candy sugar into the softened vanilla ice cream.  The candy seizes up and melts the ice cream.  You’re left with sweet milk and giant cinnamon candy blobs.

Instead, I’ll just stick to my Cookie No-Dough Ice Cream.  That stuff was rad.

Cookie No Dough Ice Cream

Cutting Room Floor

I though I might be able to turn these jarred cherries into some pretty stellar cupcakes.  I thought wrong.  The cherries sunk to the bottom of the cupcakes and the cake was just downright icky.

Raspberry Almond Cupcakes.  A classic I can believe in.

Raspberry Almond Cupcakes

Cutting Room Floor

I had every intention of making these Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies and sneaking a dozen of them into the movie theater with a jug of cold milk.  I was going to do that… and then I baked up cookies the consistency and texture of hockey pucks.  That sucked.  Movie popcorn is expensive.

Stick to Alton Brown’s recipe.  The man knows science and facts.

Chocolate Chip Cookies Part 1

Cutting Room Floor

Ooooh brownies.  I thought I could save myself a trip to the grocery store and make brownies from the not-so-great cocoa powder I found in the back of my pantry.  When it comes to brownies, I should know better than to cheat on the chocolate.

These Dark Chocolate Brownies?  My redemption.

Dark Chocolate Brownies

Cutting Room Floor

Low Fat Vanilla Pudding?  Oooh fat and flavor… where have you gone?

Milk Chocolate Pudding.  Always and please.

Milk Chocolate Pudding