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Wedding Cake: the beginning

Wedding Cake:  the beginning

Can I show you what’s going on in my kitchen these days?

So far it’s just a bunch of lists (lots of lists) and empty cake pans.  Somehow… by Saturday it’ll all be a pretty pretty wedding cake.

Wedding Cake:  the beginning

I don’t make wedding cakes very often.

They stress me out.

They mean stacking cake on top of other cake and then driving in a car.  Seriously scary.

I have nightmares about the cake for an entire week leading up to the wedding.  Nightmares like… oops I forgot to make the cake!  Nightmares like… oops I forgot to wear pants to this wedding.   It’s just what happens.

What helps the nightmares go away?  Wilton.  They have answers.

Wedding Cake:  the beginning

The best part of this wedding cake situation?  I get to go to the wedding and see my friends Zach and Nicole say important things to each other.  Then there’s wine.  Then there’s dinner.  Then there’s dancing.  Then…. then!!? Cake.  I get to make a cake and eat it too.

Oh!  And since I’m in wedding cake mode… we’re all in wedding cake mode.  Everyday from now until Saturday this place is going to be all wedding cake, all the time.  Prepare.