Wedding Cake: the middle

Wedding Cake: the middle

I’m surrounded by cake.  Right now.  Literally surrounded.

I’m also eating a vegan enchilada… but that’s neither here nor there.

I’m taking a break on this Friday Wedding Cake Extravaganza Madness Day to give you a glimpse of what’s going on in my kitchen.

The only thing not pictured is my enchilada and crazy crazy hair.  It might be best to use your imagination on those.

Wedding Cake: the middle

Wedding Cake: the middle

Chocolate cake.  It’s secretly vegan!

I used this cake recipe and multiplied it by four to make a two layer 10-inch cake and two half sheet cakes (for behind the scenes slicing).

Wedding Cake: the middle

Vanilla Butter Cake.  Too yummy.

I used this cake recipe, multiplied it by eight and made a two layer 14-inch cake and a two layer 6-inch cake.


Wedding Cake: the middle

Oh!  I freaked out and had to check tomorrow’s weather.  I need to make sure my buttercream can hold up to the sun heat.   I’m good.  Just a maniac.

Wedding Cake: the middle

Back to the cake.  It’s baking.  Right now.

Wedding Cake: the middle

Next up?  Whipping up the buttercream.

Who wants to come help with dishes?  Seriously.

65 thoughts on “Wedding Cake: the middle

  1. Just curious. Are they 3″ pans? If you stack two of those and if they are 2″, you won’t get 4″ high tiers. Good luck with the cake and cleanup.

  2. I could go for some cake right now! Can’t wait to see the finished result – I know it will be fantastic.

  3. This looks like some serious yum! Hope you’re having fun making the cake and not getting stressed out. By the way i’m insanely jealous of the weather forecast in your area. Mine is filled by thunderstorms instead of sun. Kinda sorta depressing.

  4. You are so brave! As for crazy hair (I feel your pain), I always wear a bandanna when I bake. Your cake is going to be GREAT! Can’t wait for the big “reveal”!

  5. If it makes you feel better, I’m crazy haired all the time, with no excuses whatsoever. Sending you good juju and dish cleaning energy from Houston!

  6. Pleasure to clean up after you! Cake looks wonderful. Have fun with your crazy haired self.

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