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July 2010

Beyond the Kitchen

Notes from Seattle

This is a picture of me on a bridge, among the trees, wearing sporty shorts in Seattle. This picture tells you a few things: I’m not in a kitchen.  I’m really excited about not being in a kitchen.  My sister…

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Bread Fruit Recipes

Rainier Cherry Brown Betty

Were you wondering how many pounds of Rainier Cherries I’ve eaten in the four days I’ve been in Seattle?  Well… just about six.  Six pounds of cherries. Were you wondering if you can get a terrible tummyache from too eating…

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Beyond the Kitchen

En Route to Seattle

Remember that time, earlier this year, when I drove my sister from Los Angeles to Seattle? Remember… it was that time I ate my weight in Chex Mix and strawberry cheesecake. Well!  I’m headed back up to Seattle this week!…

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