Cardamom Rose Water Milkshake

Cardamom Rose Water Milk Shake

There’s a certain dress I put on when I want to feel pretty.  It shows lots of shoulder, cuts right at the skinny part of my body and maaaaybe there’s a tiny peak of side boob.  I heard that showing off a little side boob is totally in this summer.  Lucky us, ladies… lucky us.

There’s a certain coffee shop I go to when I want to feel pretty.  It’s decorated with chandeliers, gorgeous French-ish wallpaper, serves super swank coffee drinks, burrata with fresh tomatoes… and if I go there, I have a 1 in 371.45chance of sitting next to Jake Gyllenhaal.  So… there’s that.

I have shoes that make me feel pretty.  They’re silver, they have chains, and five inch heels.  I call them my “Get Em” shoes.

I have perfume that makes me smell expensive…. that’s pretty.

And… Well… This milkshake makes me feel pretty.  It’s spiced and fragrant, delicate and just dang beautiful.

Cardamom Rose Water Milk Shake

Cardamom Rose Water Milk Shake

Have you made anything with Rose Water?  It’s is dreamy.  Rose water typically used in Persian, Indian and Iranian cooking.  Rose Water Ride Pudding.  Rose Water Lassi.  Super yum.  I think that rose water creates more of a distinct fragrance than a distinct taste.  It’s a delicate addition to sweets.

I bought my Rose Water at Surfas in Los Angeles… but I bet you can buy it online.

This milk shake is a take on a Lassi drink.  Instead of yogurt, I used a tangy nonfat frozen yogurt (from Trader Joe’s).  I combined the frozen yogurt with cold milk, ground cardamom a bit of sugar and rose water.  It’s creamy and spiced and wonderfully fragrant.  Invite a ladyfriend over and sip these milk shakes with your pinky extended.  Fancy.

Cardamom Rose Water Milk Shake

Cardamom Rose Water Milk Shake

Cardamom Rose Water Milkshake

makes one drink

Print this Recipe!

1 1/4 cup tart frozen yogurt (i love the Trader Joe’s brand)

1/2 cup 2 percent milk

1/4 teaspoon ground cardamom

1  or 2 Tablespoon granulated sugar, depending on how much of a sweet tooth you have

1 1/2 teaspoons rose water

Combine all of the ingredients in a blender.  Blend until completely smooth.  Pour into a glass.  Grab a straw.  Drink.  Feel pretty.

Cardamom Rose Water Milk Shake


85 thoughts on “Cardamom Rose Water Milkshake

  1. Where is this coffee shop where I can have have a 1 in 371.45 chance of sitting next to Jake Gyllenhaal? heehee.. I am delighted with the thought…

  2. Sounds so exotic! Your photos are great! Can I give you a tip? I see some shadows on the left side. A great trick is to wrap some cardboard or something with a large surface area with aluminum foil. When you hold it to the other side of the light source the aluminum will shine some of that light on the side with the shadows. Hhmmm hope I didn’t insult you or give you advice you already knew… just thought I’d mention! I’m still very much an amateur but that is one trick I utilize all the time!

  3. Holy Moly woman! You had me at rose water! YUM! I AM making this tomorrow. I HEART Rose Water! Warm rose water syrup on namora or gulab jamun. (I WILL be making a tank top with Gulab Jamun printed on it and will be sure to have some side boob peekage. Like the guys need more enticement then Gulab Jamun on my breasties!)

  4. O.k., not going to lie. I don’t love Trader Joe’s frozen yogurt on its own. I really wanted to, but it has kind of a strange aftertaste, no? So I”m liking the idea of mixing in a few other goodies and I heart cardamom big time. Great idea, Joy (as usual).

  5. My favorite use of rose water so far is in Poached Dried Fruit with Orange & Rose Water. Doesn’t hurt that the recipe is from hot-guy Curtis Stone.

    And now, rose water w/ tangy (yum!) frozen yogurt. From hot-lady Joy!

    Life is good. Real good.

  6. “how bout THAT side boob? do you like THAT side boob?… cuz that’s MY side boob…” – Family Guy

    oh joy. you rock my entire drawer full of socks. and this shake looks AMAZIIING.

  7. I’ve been reading your blog for about a month, and you crack me up with every post. Thanks for the smiles.

    This looks yummy. I’ve had rose water in some food at Indian restaurants. Good stuff.

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