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How to Make a Double Crusted Pie

You Can Do It Apple Pie

Hey… remember that time I made a giant mess of my kitchen counter, spilling water and flour and butter every where while making a pie crust?

What?  I wore my big ghetto hoop earrings!  I made a big ol’ mess!  You don’t remember?

Fine… lucky for you, Jill and I made a video of the whole extravaganza.

That’s right.  It’s Bake Out time again.

If you haven’t yet made a big fruity summer pie, might I suggest you do so pronto?  That means like… right now.  This weekend.  Get on it.

For you pie pleasure, I’d like to humbly offer you this Blueberry Blackberry Pie or the Strawberry Banana Cream Pie.  Equally lovely.  Please consider the goodness then get in the kitchen and.. go.

Ps.  I like you.