Joy the Baker: semi unplugged


From one to many: a list.

One: the number of iPhones I own.

Two: the number of computers I have in my posession.

Zero: the number of power sources I have for those computers.

One: dead computer.

One: out of battery computer.

One: attempted iPhone blog post.

13: the number of bottles of wine I wish to drink right now.

Four: the number of bags if Doritos I would like to eat right now.

Zero: the number of sit-ups I would like to do, ever.

One Thousand Seven Hundred Ninty Nine: the number of dollars needed to buy the MacBook Pro I love.

Three: the number of times I’ve told myself to shut-it and be thankful for what I have. Geeez.

One kabillion: the number used to represent my love for my fancy phone.

57: the number of text messages sent on that phone today.

Twenty two: the number of today’s text messages that were about The Bachelorette.

Honey beer cakin

1: the number of Honey and Beer Spice Cakes I’ve made today.

Tomorrow: when I’ll show you that dang cake instead of going on and on about my broken technology.

Almost two: the number if hours it took me to get this out.

19: the most likely number of typos in this post. I like you. My apologies.

Sent from my (douchey) iPhone.
Thank you Steve Jobs. Thank you.

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76 thoughts on “Joy the Baker: semi unplugged

  1. I also would like to know who you’re pulling for in the bachelorette. I vote for Chris, seriously, how could she not choose him???

  2. If I lost my computer, my blog would most likely consist of one short whine and nothing until the new/fixed computer arrived.
    I am most impressed that you can do all this with a phone.. what do I know about modern technology ? not much, honey, not much.

    besos.. from a freezing cold BA.

  3. My i-phone has recently taken to freezing itself. It’s the most annoying thing ever. the last time it froze it still received text messages I just couldnt access them because of the frozen screen, it also managed to take a photograph of its own frozen screen, God only knows how, ( this photo was discovered once the phone decided to unfreeze itself).

    I think this temperamental behaviour is due to having dropped the phone numerous times onto hardwood floors and concrete pavements…I swear its the slipperiest phone I’ve ever owned. Or Im just becoming super clumsy as i get older and should not be allowed such a phone. :(

  4. I would donate a few dollars to your new Macbook pro pay pal campaign if you had one! :-) From one apple lover to another… best wishes.

  5. i love my iphone….i can’t say it enough. have i tried to do a blog post from it yet? noooo. i think i need glasses for that one.
    (do you like the echophone? i was thinking…)

  6. i wish bragging about your iphone was more socially acceptable, im all about it, kiiiinda thinking about getting some kind of holy union thing going on with mine.

    hope your technology is nicer to you today, and you win the lotto somewhere, cause yeah, you totally need a mac, if not just for the prettiness factor.

    p.s. your ingredients are ridiculously fancy. (in a very, very good way.)

  7. I’m ridiculously sorry about your computer, but more importantly: who do you want Ali to choose on the Bachelorette? I’m pulling for Chris. He’s a sweetheart!

      1. I think, now that you’ve brought it up, that this REALLY DOES need an entire post to itself. I’m highly invested in the Bachelorette. I also think she should pick Chris, but I think Frank’s her favourite. Though with the previews for Tahiti on Monday, I’m not sure quite how that’s gonna play out for her.

  8. you are preaching to the choir.

    i spent 5 minutes trying to figure out why my macbook is once again missing a tiny shard of plastic since i had this issue fixed in december.

    then i spent 2 hours trying to figure out why disqus (aka disgust) doesnt work in chrome or firefox or safari despite following their directions.

    not to mention i am on day 3 where i cant text message the person i text the most because my blackberry will only allow a text to them if i enter them in 3xs. like i am going to do that to them.

    i lost my day to these struggles but i still got a lot done imho

    i am soooo having pancakes in the am

  9. Oh dear, technology is a pain in the proverbial.
    I think I would be tempted to just sup the beer and eat spoonfuls of honey, but then I have issues

    Looking forward to the recipe tomorrow, sounds delish

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