Beyond the Kitchen

Joy the Baker: semi unplugged


From one to many: a list.

One: the number of iPhones I own.

Two: the number of computers I have in my posession.

Zero: the number of power sources I have for those computers.

One: dead computer.

One: out of battery computer.

One: attempted iPhone blog post.

13: the number of bottles of wine I wish to drink right now.

Four: the number of bags if Doritos I would like to eat right now.

Zero: the number of sit-ups I would like to do, ever.

One Thousand Seven Hundred Ninty Nine: the number of dollars needed to buy the MacBook Pro I love.

Three: the number of times I’ve told myself to shut-it and be thankful for what I have. Geeez.

One kabillion: the number used to represent my love for my fancy phone.

57: the number of text messages sent on that phone today.

Twenty two: the number of today’s text messages that were about The Bachelorette.

Honey beer cakin

1: the number of Honey and Beer Spice Cakes I’ve made today.

Tomorrow: when I’ll show you that dang cake instead of going on and on about my broken technology.

Almost two: the number if hours it took me to get this out.

19: the most likely number of typos in this post. I like you. My apologies.

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Thank you Steve Jobs. Thank you.