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Notes from Seattle

July 26, 2010

Seattle Summer

This is a picture of me on a bridge, among the trees, wearing sporty shorts in Seattle.

This picture tells you a few things:

I’m not in a kitchen.  I’m really excited about not being in a kitchen.  My sister let me borrow her running shorts so I didn’t have to wear my bright purple yoga pants…. and I’m wearing a fashion scarf because I want to look cute even when I’m hiking four miles up a mountain.

Aaand.. I have several versions of this picture where my arms are raised too high, exposing a little belly.  I’ve spared myself the shame of sharing those.

Let me show you what my Seattle times look like.  Wanna see?  Rad.

Seattle Summer

That’s my little sister Lauren, my Mama, and my big sister Launa.

Seattle Summer

When the four of us are together, we laugh… a lot.

Ps-  cat butt.

Seattle Summer

We laugh and we joke about eating ice cream for dinner…. then we eat ice cream.

ps- Crown Royal on top of the fridge.

Seattle Summer

We eat ice cream while my mom tells us the story of how she was a door to door saleswoman for like… three hours.. until she had a panic attack and quit.

Seattle Summer

Meet Lauren’s cat Charles.  He’s quite the gentleman.

Seattle Summer

Launa loves to garden.  More than once I found her out back riffling through the apartment building’s commnity garden.

She planted tomato plants for the apartment.  So sweet… she’s also dang pretty.

Seattle Summer

Chives and lettuce.  Could someone please make some Buttermilk Ranch so we can tame this garden?

Seattle Summer

Can I show you more pictures of plants?  Are you annoyed yet?

These are my favorite flowers.  Hydrangeas.  They make me want to get married.  I dunno… hard to explain.

Seattle Summer

We went for a hike.

Seattle Summer

We went for a four mile hike up a mountain…

Seattle Summer

past some gorgeous waterfalls…

Seattle Summer

… and up and up and up thousands… no millions of stairs.

Seattle Summer

My sister stopped for text message breaks.  Is that normal?

Seattle Summer

After over two hours of lugging my thighs up that mountain, we made it to Lake Serene, where…

Seattle Summer

I promptly sat my ass down and devoured this bag of M&Ms.  Fact.

Also… I don’t want to talk about my hair.  At all.

Seattle Summer

Is that a chipmunk?  Dang this little guy was cute.  I threw him an almond and he was ready to take me home to meet his family.  He was smitten.

Seattle Summer

Are those hunks?

I threw almonds at them.  I didn’t get the same response.

Just hunks.

Seattle Summer


I stopped by the Cakespy Shop!

Seattle Summer

At Cakespy, everything is cute and most things are pink.  Also… farts and rainbows meet.

Seattle Summer

Jessie of Cakespy is so sweet and lovely.  She painted a battle between cupcakes and pie on her shop wall.  She’s also tiny… and I felt like a giant.

Seattle Summer

Then Lauren and I ate Ice Cream at Molly Moon’s.  Get Out!  So crazy good!

I also can’t get over how crazy pretty this girl is.

Seattle Summer

This Goat Milk Blueberry Frozen Yogurt made my life.  Also… sorry to creep you out with my weirdo bendy finger.

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  • I made Fig 7 Goat Cheese Swirl Ice Cream awhile back. And it was mind blowing. No joke.

    I’m pretty sure goat cheese is best eaten frozen in a ice cream cone.

  • Such beautiful women! :)

  • To hell with the almonds, I might have thrown MYSELF into the lake to see if the hunks would save me. Assuming, of course, that my husband wasn’t within a 2 mile radius.

    Looks like you had a truly fabulous time in Seattle – the pictures are amazing (love the stairs!!), and DANG do you have a good lookin’ family! And even though I’m a dog person, I totally heart Charles and want to take him home with me. :)

  • Great photos – looks like yall had lots of fun and lots of good eats!

    I love the chipmunk/almond/hunks situation, haha : )

  • ronnissweettooth July 26, 2010 at 2:34 pm

    How is it possible for all three of you to look like completely different people in this series of photos? You’re all gorgeous, by the way. I didn’t know there was a third sister: I just thought it was you and the little sis.
    P.S. I covet that shirt/tunic in the last and second-to-last pics.

  • Oh wow….sounds like you are having a funtastic time with your family! And I love the way you live life! To heck with being obsessed with carb counting when there are mountains to climb and dessert shops to be explored! Carpe diem!

  • Joy! You make me laugh. And Charles is downright handsome.

  • Gawd girl, you crack me UP!! Funeral for a friend tomorrow and here you are making me laugh. I am going to make 2 of your delish desserts for the funeral after party, (not sure what the after thingy is called) You’re like a sunflower with a pinch o’ spicy. I thank the universe (and your ma and pop) for you.

  • You are so fantastic. For real real. Not for play play.

  • You should have thrown more almonds at those hunks!

  • JOY! You make me laugh. Please don’t ever stop eating ice cream or lugging your thighs up mountains. Thanks. For. Sharing.

    PS I’d like to sneak Charles the cat into MY suitcase…beautiful.

  • Molly Moon’s is fantastic! There’s a cute gelato place near that, called Fainting Goat Gelato – also awesome. I love the chipmunk picture…and Seattle hikes are gorgeous. Haven’t made it to Serene yet, but now I will, after seeing those pictures! Glad you’re loving the city :)

  • I’d love to visit seattle and eat at all the bakeries, I’ve heard so many good things!!

  • Goat cheese yogurt?! Maybe you can recreate that and share the recipe with us?? It sounds amazing. Glad you are having a great time Joy!

  • I can’t wait to move there on Sunday. yay!

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