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Seriously, Frank!?

July 19, 2010

The Stupid Bachelorette

Last night was the night I nearly threw a television out of the window.

Here’s why:

Frank.  Seriously.  Frank and his stupid tank tops and his stupid rando ex-girlfriend and his stupid dramatic insecurities…. and man crying.  Stupid sad piano music should follow Frank around for the rest of his life.

The Stupid Bachelorette

Roberto.  It must be hot in Tahiti.  You seem to be a sweat monster.  You took sweaty from sexy to schvitzy… Yea, sorry.

The Stupid Bachelorette

Chris.  Some show producer told you to waaay unbutton your cute red plaid shirt waaaay low, didn’t they?  Well.. at least you have nice clavicles.

Also… someone has baby teeth.  Also… this show has forever ruined the word ‘amazing’.  Good heavens.  Also… will someone please take Frank’s microphone away?  Lordy.  Why did he bring such a big suitcase?  Also…  how would you like to bust out your ugly cry on national television?  Not ok.

The Stupid Bachelorette

Maybe I was Skype chatting with my friend Whitney through this whole tedious ordeal.  Whitney is waaaay into wine.  She paired a wine for each one of the three finalists.  I’m waaaay into sweets, so I ate half a pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream while watching.  I’m not necessarily proud of anything I’ve done tonight.  It happened though… and why hide my private Bachelorette shame when I can just as easily share it with the thousands of you out there.  That makes sense, right?

ugh… frank…

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  • Carol L. Evans July 20, 2010 at 5:03 am

    I thought all along that Frank was weird, they spent too much time on him, we should have known something was up that was not good. It was more than I needed to see.

  • wine pairings: totally awesome!!

    Frank is a loser. seriously thought that since Day 1.

    I like Chris of them all. and if Ali doesnt pick him I may have to make a trip to Cape Cod myself! ha!

  • Frank has annoyed me from the beginning with his crazy insecurities and his stupid tank tops…obviously now his lack of decency makes him quite appalling. Chris is too good for Ali. Did not like Ali on the Bachelor. I hope Ali chooses Roberto so that Chris can be the next Bachelor and find someone who deserves him.

  • Oh Frank…we did not appreciate the Frank show for the first 20 minutes…and seriously – Chris? With the shirt? And the chest? We were a bit taken aback. Although, he’s v nice and tan…we were kind of jealous. But please no more helicopters.

  • I’m so glad I’m not the only one who’s fixated on this show. If Ali doesn’t choose Chris, I guarantee that I’ll be upset for days. Or maybe a lot longer. There’s really no telling.

  • I can’t tell you how happy it makes me that you have this posted on your blog. Too funny! Also, Frank drives me CRAZY! Talk about neurotic. Viva la Chris!

  • What is The Bachelorette?

  • He is so gross! Guys like him make me thankful that I am not in the dating world. He is just nasty and I hope he got home and his “girlfriend” told him she changed her mind!

  • I’ve been trying to keep up and patiently wait for Hulu to upload the video.

    I moved to Malaysia this week so I’m not quite sure what to do on Monday nights anymore. Boo. :(

    I had a Maple Bacon cupcake in LA while in transit, you wouldn’t happen to have a recipe would you?

    Cupcakes and bacon would definitely make Monday nights not so boring. :P

  • I totally agree with this all!! I’m over “sexy” Roberto…he’s a sweaty mess! Frank and Ali syncronized crying was hilarious!!

  • I’ve never watched this show, but reading this makes me want to; as long as I can skype with you. :O)

  • Frank. SERIOUSLY. Who gave you permission to be such a jerkface?! SERIOUSLY. Although Roberto and Chris smiling their tails off because they realized they were safe for the rose ceremony was 50 kinds of priceless.

    Joy, you are an excellent Bachelorette commentator! Love it!

  • I know right!?! My sister and I are appalled … and sweat monster describes it perfectly!

  • Fab-u-lous! Wine pairings for the bachelors! Ha.

    Frank is such a d’bag. I don’t even like Ali, but yeah. Good luck Nicole.

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