How to Make Brown Sugar

How to Make Brown Sugar

Now wait just a second.

Why did no one tell me how dang easy it is to make my own brown sugar?

I sorta blew my own mind this morning.  It turns out that granulated sugar and molasses when combined with a bowl and fork (or mixer, if you’re feelin’ fancy) produces the freshest and fluffiest brown sugar.  Man… that’s satisfying.

And!  Bonus!  You can make the brown sugar as dark and flavorful as you like by controlling the amount of molasses.

This is just too good… and I’m just dorky enough to freak out at this kind of thing.

How to Make Brown Sugar

How to Make Brown Sugar

Alright .  Let’s put on out big, fat, brainiac caps.  This is about to get tough.  We’re mixing together two ingredients.  In a bowl.  With a fork… or a mixer.  If you use a mixer, you’ll still need a fork.  Don’t fight it.

How to Make Brown Sugar

How to Make Brown Sugar

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1 cup granulated cane sugar

1 Tablespoon unsulfured molasses

In a medium sized bowl, mix together the sugar and molasses.  It’s that easy.  There’s a part in this process where the molasses is super gunky and clumpy.  You’ll think to yourself:  Joy, you were wrong… this is coming out all wrong.  Don’t worry.  keep mixing it all together.  It will even itself out.   Work it until completely incorporated and no big molasses globs remain.  For dark brown sugar, add another tablespoon of molasses.  Use as you would in your favorite cake and cookie recipes.  Store in an airtight container or in a ziplock bag with the air pressed out.  Dang that’s easy!


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  1. Next time I’m at the store, I’m totally comparing prices of molasses + sugar vs. brown sugar. Aside from fresher being better, I bet it’s a little bit cheaper!

  2. ok, having just moved from new yorkto georgia where i nowhave an abundance of time to cook on my hands(woo hoo), i have become shamelessly obsessed with your blog! love your humor, love your recipes, and totes love the video tutorials. humor in cooking is so important- makes everything less intimidating!!! thank you!

  3. I live overseas and several countries overseas use a type of molasses made from mulberrys or grapes. I’ve been using this combo, with the cup of sugar, for years and it works great!

  4. Joy is it “can sugar” or should it be “cane sugar”? Cause I don’t know what can sugar is. At least we don’t have anything like that here in Poland.

  5. Oh Joy….. it is not fair to shock me into alertness this early! This is amazing. I’ve heard people say that it could be done but I never believed them. You do rock my world on occasion! When I think of all the things I didn’t make at various times in my life because I was out of brown sugar!!! Argh.

  6. I was SO excited when I discovered this a few months, too!! Don’t feel dorky. =) I have made big batches of it several times now and I haven’t bought brown sugar since.

    Love your blog. =)

  7. …so, does this work on things like porridge, or just for cooking? Does it really taste the same? (incredulous but amazed that something this simple could work…). Thanks!

  8. It never even occurred to me to make my own brown sugar. This is a total “duh” moment – why didn’t I ever think of that?! There have definitely been times when I’ve been out of brown sugar and had to run to the store before making something. Thank you for enlightening me Joy!

  9. Oh My Gosh!!! The recipe for brown sugar might be the best one I receive this year. I hate it when I run out of brown sugar. Now I will have fresher brown sugar at a fraction of the cost.

    THANK YOU!!! I also love your updated web site. I love receiving your emails.

    Linda A

  10. I am just here to exclaim, “OMG my mom has those same yellow Tupperware measuring cups!!! :D :D” I’ve never seen you use them before. I like the blue ceramic (possibly?) cups you’ve shown before too. …yes, I pay close attention to your cooking implements…like a stalker :-/

  11. This is one of those things I’ve been meaning to look up and try to make, I had no idea it would be this easy! Thank you so much, I may never buy packaged brown sugar again!

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