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What to do with an expensive tomato


Have you ever treated yourself to an expensive tomato?

Have you ever treated yourself to a single heirloom tomato?  In season.  Ripe.  Striped with color.  Fleshy.  Juicy.  Sweet.  (I sorta sounds like I’m talking about butts… my apologies).

In any case… have you ever paid nearly $4 for a single tomato?


I have.

When really good tomatoes are thaaaat expensive, you choose carefully.  You don’t care if you’re blocking the skinny yoga girl who is fluttering about behind you trying to get at the same tomato display.  Excuse me, skinny yoga girl…. I’m going to take my time with this one.  You should go eat a steak anyway.


What do you do with your ‘spensive tomato once you’ve requested that it be packed in it’s own separate bag, once you’ve placed it in the empty passenger seat next to you, once you’ve coddled it all the way home?

You put bacon on it.  It is the only option.


Ok… so we’re going to put more than just bacon onto a tomato.

We’re making BLT sandwiches, with the best ingredients we can get out hands on.  Because we’re (totes) worth it.

First.  Good bread.  Mine is from La Brea Bakery.  Gimme.  It’s good.


Organic Red Leaf Butter Lettuce.

That’s a lot of words for lettuce.  See?  Fancy.



It’s not that fancy.

It’s just mayonnaise.


Nice, thick sliced, smoked bacon.  Extra slices.  Extra crisp.


Combine all ingredients in between bread slices.

Marvel at the beauty of your expensive tomato, fancy lettuce, crispy bacon… and the bread that you toasted in the residual bacon fat….

and then shove the entire thing into your mouth.  Slowly.



ps.  if you have your own heirloom tomato plant, i salute you and your fancypants.