Apple Tarte Tatin


Everything about this Apple Tarte Tatin is a good idea.

Everything except the scalding hot sugar, the super heavy 400 degree cast iron skillet… and the fact that you somehow have to flip that skillet and all of its contents out onto a serving platter.

Ok… maybe not eeeeeverything about this tart is a good idea  But!  The French have been doing this for an eternity and they know a thing or two about how to make butter and sugar delicious.

So, let’s just say that most things about this tart is a good idea.  I’m tellin’ ya… burning your mouth of super hot tarte tatin because you can’t wait to slice into the darn thing!?  Totally worth it.

Man I made this recipe tempting… didn’t it!?


Jill and I are at it again!  Do you see a video here?  I reallllly hope you do.

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Five Ways To Bake Like A Grown-up

Hot Fudge Sundae Cupcakes

I’m so bad at being an adult.

But… I’m super great at pretending to be a reasonable grown-up.  I mean, seriously.  I somehow pay my taxes and have car insurance… but I eat brownies for dinner and write a blog for a living.  Most days I need adult supervision.

Grown-ups get in pickles.  Sticky situations.  I know.  I’ve been in my fair share..  Luckily I know how to bake my way out.  It’s a skill and a gift… and I’m sharing.

Note:  perhaps the following examples are based on personal experiences.  Perhaps.

Double Note:  Hot Fudge Sundae Cupcakes are bomb.

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Minted and Joy

Screen shot 2010-09-19 at 12.54.59 PM

Hey sugarplums!

There’s a little something going on over at Minted (you know… the awesome stationary company) that I wanted to tell you about!

Minted is having a rad (and suuuuper easy to enter) photo contest!

It’s all about JOY!  Not me… that would be weird.. but JOY the emotion… big bursting smiles, laughter, bright eyes, happy times… you get the idea.

See, Minted is looking waaaay into the future and already planning for the holidays.  Weird.  I know.  But this photo contest has some pretty great prizes that will come in handy around the holidays: a super profesh photo session and dollars towards custom holiday stationary!

People have got all sorts of JOY surrounding them.  Just looking through the entries is a heartwarmer.

Want to see? It’ll make you smile… unless you’re a robot.

Screen shot 2010-09-19 at 12.32.12 PM

Trampoline in the brush JOY.

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Baked Oatmeal with fresh raspberries and pistachios


Did you know that Baked Oatmeal is a thing?

I had no idea!

I knew I could boil oatmeal on the stove top.  I knew that I could bake oatmeal into cookies… but I’ve never thought of baking up my breakfast oatmeal in a pie dish.

Huh… go figure.

Baked Oatmeal is the perfect thing to pack into your belly before going on a very expensive, fancy bath product shopping spree.  I write from experience.

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Lemon and Matcha Marble Pound Cake


My friend makes one small mention of Rachel Zoe this morning and here I am, shoulders deep into a Rachel Zoe Project marathon.


I keep telling myself that I’ll just watch one more episode… one more… then I’ll think of something to write on my blog.

Five hours later… here I am, alone in my house, wearing heels and my chunky sweater.  I may or may not have just shopped for a furry vest online… and I’m so invested in Rachel getting pregnant, it’s ridiculous.

I need a Rodg… or a psychiatrist… or a bottle of vodka… or just someone to come turn off this program.  I’m not sure.




In other news… I made this really beautiful cake.

I’m so happy with this little darling.  It’s marbled, green, flavorful and delicate.

Dreamboat situation.


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Remember that time I drank too much wine?


I have been one giant mess in the kitchen lately.

Failed recipes all week long.  It’s starting to get embarrassing.

I’m going to try to pull myself together this weekend, but first… let me tell you about my new friends at Proof and my trip up to San Luis Obispo last weekend.

The dudes at Proof know a heck of a lot about wine and design, potlucks and diet soda.  They’re unpretentious wine people and unpretentious designers who pool their talents and create some of the most rad wine labels out there.

Wine… labels?  Yes.  It’s arty.

They’re young… they’re talented… they made me drink a lot of wine.

Here’s the story.

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Baker’s Block


Confession:  I have baker/blog writer’s block.

It all started after I used the last of my fancy cocoa powder on a ill-fated chocolate cake experiment.

Now I’m just staring down my butter and sugar…

It’s a staring contest and they’re totally winning.

Maybe I need to drink more coffee.  Maybe I need to stop trying to make myself chocolate cake for dinner.  Maybe I should just go buy a pound of bacon and see where it takes me.  Maybe I should stop watching The Real Housewives of DC because it’s rotting my brain.  Maybe I should get a puppy.

Maybe you can help.  What’s in your baker brain?  Let’s see if we can’t make whatever that is come out of my kitchen.