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September 2010

Fruit Holiday Pie Recipes

Apple Tarte Tatin

Everything about this Apple Tarte Tatin is a good idea. Everything except the scalding hot sugar, the super heavy 400 degree cast iron skillet… and the fact that you somehow have to flip that skillet and all of its contents…

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Five Ways To Bake Like A Grown-up

I’m so bad at being an adult. But… I’m super great at pretending to be a reasonable grown-up.  I mean, seriously.  I somehow pay my taxes and have car insurance… but I eat brownies for dinner and write a blog…

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Breakfast Fruit Recipes

Fried Apple Cakes

I’m ready to put two more blankets on my bed. I’m ready to invest in some fuzzy slippers. I’m ready to sport tight turtlenecks from now until March. I’m ready for turkey chili, broccoli soup and warm apples. Autumn.  It’s…

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Beyond the Kitchen

Baker’s Block

Confession:  I have baker/blog writer’s block. It all started after I used the last of my fancy cocoa powder on a ill-fated chocolate cake experiment. Now I’m just staring down my butter and sugar… It’s a staring contest and they’re…

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