Beyond the Kitchen

Remember that time I drank too much wine?


I have been one giant mess in the kitchen lately.

Failed recipes all week long.  It’s starting to get embarrassing.

I’m going to try to pull myself together this weekend, but first… let me tell you about my new friends at Proof and my trip up to San Luis Obispo last weekend.

The dudes at Proof know a heck of a lot about wine and design, potlucks and diet soda.  They’re unpretentious wine people and unpretentious designers who pool their talents and create some of the most rad wine labels out there.

Wine… labels?  Yes.  It’s arty.

They’re young… they’re talented… they made me drink a lot of wine.

Here’s the story.


Not but one hour after Whitney and I got off the train from Los Angeles to SLO, we pulled up to Barrel 27, a winery part owned by this dude… Russell From.

barrel 27

We all sat down and got to tasting.

pink glasses

This is Phillip.  He’s one of the Proof dudes.  Phillip wears pink sunglasses.


The dude pouring wine is Josh.  He’s a Proof dude too.


Sylvia and Alyssa are the designer girls at Proof.  They’re both so pretty.  Pretty.  Smart.  Open.  Cool.  Talented… high five.


Wine things.


Whitney.  Josh.  Phillip.  Wine.  Wine words.  Spit buckets.  All surrounded by wine barrels.  It’s pretty cool.


This obtrusive looking tool is used to take samples of wine out of wine barrels… wine barrels that are in the middle of making wine.  And we got to taste it!


Barrel tasting is pretty rad.  It’s like drinking young wine that kinda wants to mouth off at you.


There’s Russell.  He’s a real life heartthrob.  Just trust me on this one.


I’ve never met so many smokin’, beer drinkin’ wine people in my life.

After the many many many bottles of wine we went home… ate four pizzas in 10 minutes…


… then we kinda had a giant sleepover.  We laughed A LOT.

Whitney… don’t kill me for putting this picture of you on my internet.  You look hot.

alta maria outside

Guess what we did the next morning?

Tasted more wine.

alta maria

This time at Alta Maria Vineyards in Santa Maria.

These wine labels?  Designed by Proof.  Legit.


I should tell you something about this wine tasting.

It’s 10 am.  Ten in the morning.

Good grief!


Don’t be fooled by this picture.  It’s rreeeaaaallllyyy hard to drink wine at ten in the morning.


It’s also hard to have anything intelligent to say about wine at ten in the morning.

This is totally my listening face.


Phillip is a professional wine drinker.  You can tell by the sombrero.


What’s that?  An afternoon wine tasting?

Oh Lordy.  Can I get a Tums please?

Not but 10 minutes after this picture was taken, I put on my grumpy pants…. and I didn’t take them off until…


… we got back to the house and I made some doughnuts.


Then I fluffed up my hair and did the dishes.  It’s calming.


The dudes at Proof were so lovely, so welcoming, so awesome.  They let us read their books.


They let us sit on their fancy couches.


They pointed us in the direction of the best road biking…


And they didn’t look at me crazy when I wanted to lay in the dirt for a while.


Thanks Proof.  I like what you do.  It feels right… like Tums.