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October 2010

Beyond the Kitchen Holiday

Happy Halloween!

Oh Lordy. Why do I do this?  Why do I subject you to such things? In kindergarten… way back in the mid eighties… I was a child bride for Halloween. Actually… I was a child… and I dressed up as…

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Beyond the Kitchen

Watch Out November!

I’m terrible with surprises.  All that dang waiting… it just seems so silly. I have a surprise for all y’all. This November… just some days from this day today… there’s going to be a giveaway everyday of the month here…

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Beyond the Kitchen

This Weekend I…

this weekend i… ate a dozen of these Brownie Cookies. helped my friend bake six hens in front of two cameras. cleaned my closet. drank a giant glass of wine and ate a gianter bowl of cereal. tummy ache. learned…

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