This Weekend I…


this weekend i…

ate a dozen of these Brownie Cookies.

helped my friend bake six hens in front of two cameras.

cleaned my closet.

drank a giant glass of wine and ate a gianter bowl of cereal. tummy ache.

learned that i need exactly three hands to successfully make peanut brittle.

mopped my hardwood floors with a beach towel.  don’t tell my mom.

got a kitten.

i tell you all of this because i just thought you should know.

on monday  afternoon i’m making onion rings.  i skipped dinner tonight so i can eat the entire batch tomorrow.  that makes sense, right?

hallelujah and amen.

89 thoughts on “This Weekend I…

  1. Photo and name of the kitten! Pleeeeeease! :)
    You did a lot on your weekend… I have a bit of a bad conscience now. (I only baked cinnamon treats, but those were so yummy…)

  2. Would have loved to see you and your friend and the six hens, this is really a difficult job, I would never dare! What’s the name of the kitten?

  3. Joy! I’m studying abroad in Prague right now I just wanted to tell you that I read your blog errrryday and it is truly one of the most wonderful slices of home that I can get my hands on here. When I’m bored in class I pass the time by adding to my embarrassingly long list of all the delicious joy-the-baker treats I am planning on baking up when I return home for the holidays!

  4. Yes, pictures (& name) of the kitten, please! I’ve been looking forward to my own place for AGES so I can finally get a cat.

  5. Please show pictures of your kitten!!!!
    BTW- you are the funnest blog writer EVER. I look forward to reading everyday. It just always puts a smile on my face and a laugh in my heart…and not a lot of things in this life can do that! Blessings!

  6. I’ll be looking forward to onion rings!!! :)
    and the brownie cookies look good! I don’t think i have seen those and will absolutely need to make those!

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