2010. It’s Still Happening.


Can we take a little break from the kitchen?

I’m full of food and there’s one monstrous pile of dishes that I’d prefer to ignore for as long as possible.

A few months back I showed you exactly what my 2010 has looked like.  Let’s consider that Part One.  Would you like to see the other half?

I dump all of the pictures of my camera phone and show you what my silly world looks like.  Its fun, there’s food, I like to share… and we’re all friends here.


I had a birthday in May.  The people that know me got me bourbon.

Bless their souls.


This is the beginning of the best party of the summer. Malibu beach house.  Sunset.  Many people spinning many records.  Really not a bad life at all.


Whitney and Jenelle at the beach party.  This is before the beach cartwheels and frigid, naked ocean swimming.

…. I told you it was a good party.


Giant movie screenings in a cemetery.  That happens in LA.  Everyone here is exactly too cool for school… especially the two sneaking a smooch in the front of this picture.



I rode my bike all summer.  It’s exactly the best thing in the world.  No… I wasn’t wearing a helmet.  Please don’t scold.


Countless backyard parties.  Some people drink Pineapple Smirnoff Ice as a joke…. a gross grooooossss joke.

Ps.  Cute bearded boys plus bonus dude belly peek.


I made Bourbon Banana Bread Pudding with Jill.  We giggled a lot…. it’s just a thing we do.


I made a wedding cake! Remember?


It was stressful and delicious.


This particular wedding made me cry like a lady cries at a wedding.  Love.  Daaaang.


Frozen.  Chocolate.  Chip.  Cookie.  Dough.  Balls. The best words ever.


One day… my computer died dead…


… then my table fell apart.  I had the entire weight of the world on it.

I don’t want to talk about it.


My dear sister lives in Seattle.  I went to there to see her…


… and bake in the company of her cat.

Charles is a fat cat with skinny legs.  He’s a little self conscious.


Delancey is exactly as delicious as you want it to be.


I bought myself a fancy tomato and made myself a fancy sandwich.  I dunno… this seemed like a big deal at the time.


I got on a train with a book and a homemade sandwich and went up to San Luis Obispo.

These red shoes are now spattered with melted chocolate, fry grease and matcha powder.  This is why we can’t have nice things.


You remember Josh, right?  We had all sorts of wine adventures which include eating grapes off the vine and getting heartburn.


But the views!!  Totally worth the heartburn.


I put everything I own in boxes and moved to the beach.  I feel like a fortunate person…. with too much stuff.


And this bike… the bike that was my heart and soul…. it got stolen.  I cried:  sobbing, ugly cry.


Until I got this dreamboat!  It’s true love.


Then I crashed that dreamboat four day after I got it.

I didn’t cry, but it hurt something fierce.  Ooooh man.


Then Tracy helped me realize how thug a chipped tooth from a bike accident can be.  That’s friendship.


I found out that Buttermilk Onion Rings do not suck at all.


Also… kittens do not suck.

They’re actually the most precious creatures around… despite their smelly butts and sharp claws.


Stevens sleeps like this.

Lord help me.


A visit to San Francisco in the Fall makes me want to wear scarves and hold hands and make out.  It’s something about the sky and the water and the wind.


I ate popcorn for dinner at least forty three times in the last five months.

I’m the boss of me.



175 thoughts on “2010. It’s Still Happening.

  1. My boy with a beard gets here in precisely 17 days. I’m already compiling a stash of chocolate for him in the bottom of the fridge.

    Just so you know, for future reference, deciding to go away for almost four months hurts more than falling of a bike. I reckon when he gets here it will be almost as good as a first meeting all over again though, so maybe it will be worth it? Maybe that will be my super-awesome-thug chipped tooth?

    1. Yes, reunions after time apart are the best! My fiance and I spent two years 12 hours apart for grad school. Our school breaks were fresh and electric, and each parting was torture. Now we have been married 17 years, and it still is that way. I hate those business trips, but there are rewards at the end. ;-)

  2. Oh man, thanks for posting this. I crashed on my bike this week and am feeling like a total dork. I cried. It also happened on the same day that I spilled smokin’ hot chocolate on my legs and all over my bed.

    I’m guessing your boy is the lanky one, but I don’t know if it matters, they’re both pretty dreamy.

  3. Is it weird that I feel like I know you? Like I was there for all of this and feel nostalgic seeing the photos again? I think it just means that I read your blog and am not a creeper…

    p.s. Kitteh bellies are my weakness. So are bearded boys. So glad you’ve snagged both. Also, your eyes are gorgeous!

  4. Thank you for sharing Joy! It’s been such a blessing to visit your blog this year – a difficult year – your blog is always a comfort and joy.

  5. Joy…you are totes hilarious. Your life narrative through camera photos is amazing. Slash…how did you get such fantastic camera phone photo skills?! Sigh. You are my girl crush.

  6. This is the most precious post! Thank you for letting me see the last year of your life!
    1. That wedding cake is absolutely magnificent!
    2. Your tooth is EXTREMELY thug
    3. I eat popcorn for dinner almost everyday ;)
    And I’m so glad you and your bike man found each other <3
    Hope the rest of your 2010 is as awesome as the first 11 months ;)


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