A November Reminder

Dad's Sweet Potato Pie

Starbucks switched their paper cups to their festive holiday cups.

That can only mean one thing:  it’s time for Dad’s Sweet Potato Pie with Easy No-Roll Pie Crust.

Two random notes:

ps.  Pumpkin Spice Lattes are weeeeird.

pps.  I like coffee that tastes like coffee, not pie.

112 thoughts on “A November Reminder

  1. I like the idea of pumpkin pie and coffee, especially since when actual pumpkin pie is paired with actual coffee, you get one of the best gifts God ever gave to man. But, yeah, as much as I love Starbuck’s, they ruin that whole combination. Especially when you look in your cup after you drink it and see flourescent orange milk… weeeeird, for sure!

    Maybe, Joy, you can come up with some coffee/ pumpkin pie deliciousness that can redeem the weirdness of Starbuck’s.

  2. i never quite understood the Pumpkin Latte craze that happens during this time of year. Pumpkin desserts are amazing. But pumpkin lattes…are kinda gross =/

  3. hehe I do like the flavored coffee, but only on occasion, I usually just like mine simple, no sugar, extra whip, dry. Thanksgiving is soon to come… thanks for the reminder!

  4. Well… I kinda like the pumpkin-spice lattes but only the ones I make at home. Really they taste more of the pumpkin pie SPICES than pumpkin or pie.

    That said… I love sweet potato pie! It’s been too long since I’ve made one so I’ll be trying your Dad’s recipe this year. That photo is enough to convince anyone of it’s awesomeness!

  5. I love pumpkin. Bars. Cookies. Bread. Muffins. And yes, lattes. Love it. But not pie. Must be a texture thing for me. That said, do me a favor and try this. Stroll into your local Starbucks and order the following: Grande, nonfat *1 or 2 pump* pumpklin spice latte. Starbucks puts far too much stuff in their coffee. (It would normally have 4 pumps.) At 1-2 pumps you get a yummy, spicy coffee drink, not an icky sickeningly sweet liquid pie drink. Oh, and no whipped cream. That makes it dessert, not coffee (and leaves a waxy feeling in your mouth). Let me know what you think. (BTW, the same goes for Gingerbread at the holidays…)

  6. I love pumpkin…but I’ve never been a fan of pumpkin lattes. Although, I do pretty much love to indulge in the peppermint mochas at Christmas! Sweet Potato Pie was my grandpa’s favorite…I’ll have to give it a try!

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