Ask Joy the Baker

Black and White Cookies

It seems like I’ve been exactly everywhere but my own kitchen this past week.  My oven is lonely and my kitten is pissed.

Let’s play a game.  I need your company with all of this airport time I’ve got on my hands.

Let’s play Ask Joy the Baker.

You leave a comment asking me dang near whatever you like.  I’ll respond to your question right there in the comment section.  Boom.  Instant gratification.

Go on…. ask me why I’m eating Chicharrones in Tracy’s parents’ guest bedroom at midnight.  Ask me if the boy I’m dating has longer hair than I do.  Ask me if I think you should move to Los Angeles.  Ask me what the capital of South Dakota is.  Ask me what Washington’s state bird is.  Ask me if I’ve ever met a clown.  Ask me why George Clooney has never asked me out on a date.  Ask me why I could watch Sean Connery in The Rock on a constant loop for seven weeks straight.  Or… ask me about cookies.  Whatever.

Yes.  I’ve sorta done this before.

Answers may sometimes be limited to statements like “huh!?”  “no” “duh” or “let me google that for you”.

499 thoughts on “Ask Joy the Baker

  1. If you had to fill only one role for the people you love, what role would it be?

    P.S. No cheating and saying “baker” because that’s just too darn easy.

  2. Did you ever bake something, decide you did not like it at all but posted it anyway?
    What would you like to bake but have not tried yet?
    What’s your favourite colour? And your favourite book?
    Are you sure your readers are not too nosy?

  3. how do you go about creating your own recipes? are you ever scared that what you make is going to be completely inedible (i think that happens to me…i would be more adventurous with food, but i’m always afraid of making something terrible!)?

    what can you use graham crackers for besides cheesecake crust and eating plain?

    what’s your favorite salty baked good?

    what’s your most favorite thing about living in LA? least favorite?

  4. Was it difficult to walk away from a life with a ‘normal’ stable job to go into something as uncertain as baking ? (I can’t find the guts to do it – though in all cases I don’t have the cooking level to do it. Yet.)

    Oh, and lighter question : If you could have lived in a different era, different country, which one would it be ? :)

  5. This is fun!!!

    I’m sick of all the stereotype of what Japanese people think American food is… what can if retort can I give next time I’m asked… American food to me, is a melting pot of cultures… but how can I answer that with a slam dunk?

    If I may, ask two?

    What is the best Thanksgiving Stuffing recipe?

  6. have you ever made some big elaborate cake or other dessert, got incredibly frustrated and threw it away? (i did this once with a three tier cake covered in fondant.. worst mistake ever!)

    what’s your favorite recipe on your site?

    uhmmmm.. who do you most look up to, as a food blogger?

    if you could meet any famous chef in history for dinner, who would it be and what would you bring?

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