Breville Mixer Giveaway!


Your hair looks pretty today.  I totally love your shoes.  Those pants make your butt look incredible.  Can I borrow that scarf?

Today is a great day.  Dang near everything is stars and roses.

Today is the day that I get to offer you a super fine, extra swell, kicka*s mixer!  Yea.  This is totally a big deal.

The generous people of Chef’s Catalog would like you to have this GORGEOUS 5-quart Breville mixer.  This thing is an absolute powerhouse.  I suspect that it’ll get you through some major holiday baking, be the prettiest thing in your kitchen, make your husband do a double take, help raise your children, and become your absolute favorite baking tool.  These are my predictions.

Now!  How do you win this darling?

This is a two part process:

Leave a comment with this post AND send me a picture of you with your favorite kitchen tool.  Maybe you’re really into your whisk or your cast iron skillet.  Hold that puppy up and say cheese.  I want to see your shining face.  Send your picture to joythebakergiveaway at gmail dot com and you’re entered to win.

Winner will be selected by and giveaway ends Saturday December 4th at midnight.

994 thoughts on “Breville Mixer Giveaway!

  1. OH JOY!

    WOW, AMAZING, SPECTACULAR, WOO-WEE… I think I’m in love!

    I need my beauty rest so that I may take a fabulous photo tomorrow with my favorite appliance.
    Who knows? Maybe I’ll have a new appliance soon? hint-hint ;)

  2. It truly does look amazing, but for those of you like me who do not live in the US, check out the voltage in your home location – the US uses 120v, not 240 such as for NZ. If you want to go ahead (and I’m sorely tempted, too!) also check the cost of buying a transformer that will be able to handle a motor of this size. Man! I sound like such a party pooper, I wanted to help but this sounds so-not-fun. Sorry!! But I do hope it helps

    1. Thanks for the warning! It’d be so disheartening having the lovely stand mixer blowing out after the first press of the button!

  3. AHHHHH I have been wanting one of these for AGES – but not for me – for my Mamma – she has been eyeing one of these up for a long time but the ol’dosh just hasnt been available so i’d LOVE to win

  4. Oooh this is so exciting!! Thanks Joy! Now I’m off to the kitchen to polish my co-starring kitchen tool for our photo shoot!

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