Beyond the Kitchen

Breville Mixer Winner!


Last week I offered you a beautiful Breville mixer as the grand finale to the November giveaway.

I made you work for it though… right?

I asked you to send me a picture of you with your favorite kitchen tool and daaaaang!  You really like to show off!

Your beautiful faces absolutely lit up my inbox.

So bright.  So shiny.  I just had to share.


Some of you are really into your whisks.  I get it.  I think my whisk is pretty excellent.

Look at these faces.  I wanna kiss you all… in a totally normal way.


Coffee!  Totally important.  I feel ya.

Nice mugs.

That sounds like a boob joke, but it’s not.


Silpats are totally handy.

So are hands.  You so clever.

Ps.  I’d really like one of those pretzel sticks please.




Dudes read this blog!?

Now there’s proof.


Hello gentlemen.  Um… I feel shy.  Sorry about all the pink and kitten pictures?


Ladies and their knives.  Fierce.

Now…. Let me interrupt this love fest to say that… well, if you don’t see your picture here, it’s not because I don’t think you’re beautiful and talented… it’s just that there were aaaaaaaa lllllooooootttttt of pictures to process and not nearly enough hours in the day.  Stay tuned for more surprise pictures in the future.


You guys really like your fancy pans.  Super swell.

Ps… Nice winter hat in the kitchen.


I love my microplane too!  Mine usually smells like orange zest or nutmeg.


I wish I could use my microplane as a nail file but that would be weird and gross.  Ew.  Nevermind.


Pretty Pretty Apron Ladies.  I wanna cook with you.


These rolling pin shots made me laugh.  You ladies seems serious.

Also… I’d like some chocolate.  That has nothing to do with anything.


Look at you and your mixers.  You look so happy!


And finally!  You boozers are my kind of women.  Wine in the kitchen.  Highly suggested.  Invite me over, pretty please!

Thank you for your smiling faces.  You turned the Internet into real life.  That was pretty rad of you.  I wish I had a thousand mixers to give to all of you.

Jennifer!  I have some major news.


You and your turmeric spoon won a Breville mixer.


Congratulations!  It’s a very good day.