Delicious Hot Chocolate


Clearly you need something milky and chocolatey and warm and delicious to go with those marshmallows that I insisted you make.

Hot chocolate.  Made with all those random/open/half empty/spilling all over the cupboards bags of chocolate chips I have in my kitchen.

It only makes sense, don’t you think?


Not rocket science.

Totally just hot chocolate.


Delicious Hot Chocolate

makes one large or two small portions

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1 1/2 cups milk (any fat content you fancy)

3 heaping tablespoon bittersweet chocolate chips

2 heaping tablespoons white chocolate chips

In a small saucepan, gently heat milk over low heat.  Whisk often so the milk doesn’t burn.

While the milk is heating, bring a medium saucepan with two inches of water to a boil.  Place a heat-proof bowl with chocolate pieces over the simmering water.  Make sure the bottom of the bowl does not touch the simmering water.  You’re creating a double boiler.  Cool, right?  Stir the chocolate pieces until melted.

Add the melted chocolate to the hot milk.  Whisk together until completely blended and super delicious looking.  Pour into mugs and top with marshmallows or slightly sweetened whipped cream.

133 thoughts on “Delicious Hot Chocolate

  1. First of all : yum. I’m on my way to making this.

    Second of all : I noticed your mug…I also have a mug with French words for different sorts of meats written in cursive all over it. With a broken handle. But regardless; what?? It’s a mug. With meat words on it. Is this some sort of normal fad in mugware?

  2. I’ve got a giant bag of semi sweet morsels and some Andy’s chocolate-mint in the cabinet, let’s see what I can come up with :)

  3. The other day, I had some cinnamon whiskey in my cabinet (to put in my apple cider). On a whim I decided to add it to my hot chocolate – BEST DECISION EVAR.

  4. Just a few hours ago, I paid $4.17 for a small mug of hot chocolate. Now I can make this fancy-shmancy drink at home!!! Thank you Joy!

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