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Strawberry Pineapple Crumble

April 8, 2011



It’s a good thing you’re not here.  You.  You specifically.  It’s a good thing you’re not here right now.

If you were here, you’d be witness to some truly horrific sweatpants choices.  You’d have to see my raccoon face, from furiously rubbing my eyes with mascara on.   I just yelled at my cat… you would have seen that.  I threw a pillow at him.  A small pillow.  He ran.  You would have seen that too.  I have bras all over my bed.  My desk could use some work.  I don’t really want to talk about the state of my shower.  It’s a good thing you’re not here.

I’d have a hard time telling you all the things I tell you if you were actually sitting here in front of my face.  Sure, there’s the stuff about how I want to turn my cat into a spider hunting helicopter…that’s easy.  I’m talking about the other stuff.  When I write dorky letters to my future husband.  When I freak out about turning a year older.  When I date people.  When I stop dating people.  When I wrestle with Lent and sacrifice and openness and vulnerability…. I’d have a hard time sharing all that if you were here… in front of my face… with all your eye contact.  That would freak me out a little.

But you are here.  Just the there sort of here, and I’m so thankful for it.

Someone needs to know when I’m happy and sad and scared and freaked out and coupled and dumped and hungry and such.  I’m glad it’s you.  Even though I mostly don’t know you… I’m still glad it’s you.

Ok… enough with all the eye contact.

Can we talk about dessert now?



We all know what a strawberry crumble tastes like.

Yadda yadda yadda.  Baked strawberries, oats, sugar… you know.


Let me tell you… adding fresh pineapple is such a good idea.  Baked strawberries and pineapple are a perfect combination of sweet and tart.  A little wacky.  A little tropical.  A little like doing yoga then drinking fruity martinis.  Wait… does that make sense?  It does in my head.


Baked fruit.  Oat, butter, and sugar topping.  Ice cream is mandatory.  Someone to share it with is either a luxury or a curse.  I’m not sure which.

I’m glad you’re here.  Believe that.

Strawberry Pineapple Crumble

Recipe inspired by The Sophisticated Gourmet

Makes one 8-inch baking dish

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  • Thank you for sharing, the funny, hard and delicious stuff : ). Also, feel better. I look like an extra from Braveheart right now (luckily it’s still dark out), I used to write letters to my hamster, and I have (accidently) stepped on my dog before (I weigh signficantly more than a small pillow…). By the way – your writing and baking are awesome!

  • Oh joy, i’m pretty sure everyone that reads this is pretty glad you’re here too! Frankly, I’d quite like a spider-hunting helicopter cat to throw [small] pillows at when I’m down…generally I resort to slamming doors and that’s not nearly as fun.

    Can’t wait to try out this lush recipe x

  • Joy this looks amazing! I loveeeeee crumbles. And pineapples. And strawberries. It looks wonderful!

    Your pictures always remind me of an Anthropologie ad, too. Which is like the best store ever :) Beautiful pics!!

  • This looks awesome! I’ve never added pineapple! Can’t wait to try it! ;-)

  • I wish I was there so I could be eating this crumble! Pineapple is such a great addition!

  • That crumble looks superb. It looks like the sort of dessert that makes me peer down at the pooch growing under my belly button and cursing myself for loving to bake so much. How do you keep that from happening? Mmmmm.

    I get a little chuckle out of thinking about your toiling away creating a helicopter body suit for your cat. I see a little lab akin to something in the movie Frankenstein. Heh.

    I get what you mean about having folks to confirm you are “here”. It is a good thing to get the acknowledgment but to have the handy filter of distance to keep out the judgment. Or at least verbalization of such.

  • Oh, I want to give you a cuddle….hope you don’t find it inappropriate for me to be sending you an imaginary one right now….!

  • I can’t believe I never tried baking a pineapple. I love pineapple! So pretty with the strawberries too.

  • yum. ive never thought to do this. yummy.

    i’m glad to be the there sort of here.

  • Gosh, this looks good. Really like your plate too. :-) I have a pineapple I should use so perhaps this will be made this evening….thanks!

  • God this looks so good. I am on the fifth day of my nine day detox, come April 13th I am so making this!

  • oh god.. amazing!! The second strawberries become nice in holland – not like lumps of old cardboard i will be making this! Hurray for summer crumble!!

  • I was thinking with some sadness this morning that the crumble season was probably over until Autumn but this has convinced me that I was wrong. I love the combination of flavours.

  • I’ve never heard of a strawberry crumble, but when I read it’s made with oats I was immediately smitten.
    As for the rest of it, yeah dirty showers can be scary, maybe instead of building a flying spider-catching contraption you can fit him with a shower cleaning self rotating brush instead?
    And keep writing those letters to your future husband and maybe mention the strawberry pineapple crumble. That ought to catch his attention.

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